Unique Article Wizard Review & Bonuses

unique article wizardYou see, I’ve been recommending 3waylinks to my subscribers all the time, because of its efficient, fully automated link building network.

Yeah, 3waylinks is great, but just using it as your only link building method is not enough especially if you want to dominate more competitive markets and terms.

Like what I said, “don’t ever put all your link eggs in one basket”. You need a healthy mix of link building techniques to rank your keywords and get avalanches of free organic traffic.

I use Unique Article Wizard to submit 10s of 1000s UNIQUE version articles to countless article directories, ezines and blogs with link back in the resource boxes in the articles.

I guess you have already checked out the results I got with UAW:


With traditional article marketing tactics, you publish exact the same content to a lot of article directories.

You see, when one and the same article is republished, Google quickly “understands” this is a duplicate content.

No, “the big G” won’t punish you for doing this. But they will potentially lowers the SEO value of backlinks built from duplicate content pages.


The biggest problem for me with those article submission services or tools is that I had to sign up with each and every one of the article directories manually, and wait for lots of confirmation emails from them.

Unique Article Wizard automatically create all these accounts for you, without you lifting a finger!

An awesome benefit with UAW is that you can submit as many versions of resource boxes as you want. That means you can use a lot of variety in your links and rank multiple keywords in just one article.

Compare to Similar Services:

UAW will give you a lot more links than each of the competing services like iSnare or Article marketer. I always get 600-1800 links for one UAW submission.

You can take control how many submissions per day for each article, so you won’t be sandboxed with Google by generating a lot of backlinks all at once.

The recommended number is 50 per day.

What UAW leave their competition in the dust is that the UAW articles usually been approved and submitted within 24 hours, and you can submit unlimited articles per day!

Many of the similar service like submityourarticle.com only accept 8 articles a month.

Let’s do the math.

If you submit one article a day for 1 month you will get at least 30 x 600 = 18,000 backlinks! That is almost guaranteed #1 rankings for most keywords.

Actually I submit far less than 30 articles a month and I still get great results. That’s why I just hired a full time link builder to submit at least one article to UAW every day to make the most of UAW.

But not only that… your articles get the syndication from 1000s of other publishers. And since many of the sites you submit are blogs, your articles are indexed or linked by various authority blog directories like technorati.com, that mean you get more quality links for each article you submit.

However, it’s not as easy as pushing a button – You NEED to take some time to compose and revise your articles.

But does it mean you have to take your time write articles all day?

No, you don’t need to!

You can actually take your previous articles an re-submit them. You can change your keywords and categories when you resubmit your articles,  to maximize the chances of your article being published.

If you resubmit sooner than 4 months since the last submission, your article will be submitted only to newly added directories. After 4 months the article will go to ALL directories again!

It’s a total no-brainer if you are serious about building links and getting unstoppable traffic to your sites:

Sign up and get 1000s of quality backlinks here

A special bonus?

You get all my 3waylinks bonuses plus Craiglist Blackhat Videos (big 250mb files!)

If you do decide to take this offer, just contact me with your receipt here:
=> http://henryzeng.com/helpdesk/

To your amazing success!

Henry Zeng

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37 responses to “Unique Article Wizard Review & Bonuses”

  1. I definitely will give UAW a try. In general people always think that submission of same article in various directories gives consistent results with the Google. Your post is an eye-opener for many. Excellent post. Thanks.

  2. Wendy Boyd says:

    Wow! This looks great. I’ve been posting articles, but it seems to be a slow and tedious process that gradually works. But UAW looks to be a better way of spreading the information I’m looking to share. With UAW I’ll be able to share my message of the importance of Going Green with Greener Living with more people much more quickly. Thanks.

  3. Winson yeung says:

    thanks for this great review. I myself just purchase UAW and the result returning is great ! for those who have problem writing UAW articles, you can try http://ccarticles.com . I purchased around 100 to 150 uaw articles from their company and the articles is top quality. Then i submit them using the UAW and generate quite a decent of money from it as well

  4. Recently i came across a post that article directories and simple directories are of no longer value in “the eyes of Google”. What do you think of it?

    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Bold,

      For my part, article directories and simple directories still have SEO juices, as the results talk for themselves. But of course you may want to chase those with high Page Ranks.


  5. Thomas says:

    Yea I also have started using UAW. I am hoping to get better results with the next set of articles I submit.

  6. Great review. Unique Article Wizard sounds like a must have for anyone wanting to make money online. It is on my purchase list. I will be buying a subscription tommorow.

  7. I`ll give it a try for 67 bucks a month! I like the fact that they rewrite your content.

  8. It looks like a good system and I’ve heard good things about it, but I have reservations because Google is really good at sniffing out duplicate content. I’ve seen similarly written things end up in the sandbox before. Seems risky to me.

  9. Good review. I’ve been using Unique Article Wizard for a while now and love it.

    They now have a service that will write articles for you in three different “spun” versions. I use UAW in conjunction with Article Marketing Automation. I submit the spun articles to UAW then enter the spun versions in AMA for even wider distribution. The results have been amazing!


  10. Good review!

    I started using UAW late last spring and it’s done wonders for me. I quickly realized how important it is to use the drip feature as the website you are linking to can get a severe penalty if you are building the links to fast (to many pr. day)

    I recommend the UAW to everyone as it the most valuable tool I use myself… beside my brain of course 🙂

    ps. those looking to test UAW, you can get $50 off the first month using a special offer link on TheClickbankNewbie.com

  11. Corrie says:

    interesting software. I have never used an article distributor before. It would certainly take the time out of posting articles individually. Thanks for the link. I might have to check it out.

  12. I haven’t tried 3linkways or UAW, but I heard it’s preety good to build backlinks. A friend of mine just bought their products. I’ll see if they are working good or not.
    Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

  13. kathy says:

    Joined UAW for about 2 days and hated it. Cumbersome system, takes forever to get articles approved. They will not give you a refund like their ads indicates. I joined The Article Network. Great article spinner, easy and fast to get articles submitted. Love it.

    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I admit that sometimes UAW system is slow as molasses and it takes a few days to get your articles approved. But the thing is, it never takes me more than 3 working days for me to get the articles submitted.

      Regarding your refund statement, that’s not true. I know they guys do send refunds because I see occasional refunds in my affiliate statistics.

      And congrats to you for finding your favorite service 🙂

      Thank you.


  14. Denny Ray says:

    I have tried the services of spotwriters for my article marketing. The rates are quite cheap and the price to quality ratio is very high. The articles were SEO optimized and were readily accepted by ezine and other directories.

  15. nichole3855 says:

    I saw a lot of positive reviews about UAW.
    But I cant afford to pay $67 per month at this moment.

    Does Google allowed to create a lot of backlink with short time of period?

  16. I just love UAW. I have been able to rank consistently within the top 10 for my niche keyword just by publishing articles from UAW. This service is truly awesome. I highly recommend it.

    The only drawback is you have to write your own original articles. While I am most capable of writing my own articles, I prefer to simply outsource this part. This way I can simply submit the articles in a timely manner and build my backlinks on a continual basis using UAW with not much work involved. It’s a win-win situation.

  17. I’ve been using UAW for about 6 months now and I’m still If-y on it. I use The Best Spinner to spin my articles then apply them to the One Step Wizard which is very easy and in my mind the best way to do it. However, I can’t say that I’m getting a lot of quality back links. When I follow the links they show you, it seems like my articles on very low quality sites with a bunch of other crap.

  18. Ryan says:

    I honestly wonder about your sincerity in this review. (It’s not that I wouldn’t really LIKE it to be true…in fact, I’m desperate for it to be true). But UAW NEVER takes 24 hours to approve a story. Never. Usually it’s 72 hours – at the very minimum…. So are you just selling us? I mean, do you use the darn thing? I use it every single day.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overly critical … I only wish it worked like you say. Sure you can get 800 submission but you won’t find those links showing up in any link analysis tools. It seems as if these sites are heavily / completely discounted by Google?

    It occurs to me maybe this strategy only works with niche/low competition sites?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I personally use UAW along with a couple of other link building services. UAW does take much time to approve the articles, so my strategy is to submit articles as many as possible, and set the maximum submissions per day something like 2. When I actually need to release the submissions, I set back the daily submissions to 20-50.

      And as you mentioned, one problem with UAW is not all the backlinks are indexed by the search engines. 800 submissions doesn’t mean 1600 backlinks. But there are some backlink index tools and services available like The Index Tool. You can do a search in Google and find many more.


  19. $67 a month is similar to wat article directory offers.. now lot of people of starting their own content syndication and building a network of blogs..

    but sometime people just delete the links and just copy the content from the site while reviewing the article.. thats the bad part on these type of sites.

    by the way..good review..

  20. Hello Henry,

    If you discontinue your UAW membership, do your backlinks get removed from all of the sites where they were posted, or do they remain active?


  21. Well, I run a non-profit-site which is currently not intended to generate any income. So, presently I can not afford UAW but I definitly consider using it when I feel it’s the right time. Thanks for sharing this tool.

  22. […] The whole article submitting process with ArticleRanks is easy and quick. However, there is no way of controlling article distribution like how many numbers of submissions each day. I’d also like to see some article re-submitting features like Unique Article Wizard. […]

  23. Michael says:

    Hi Henry,

    Thanks for the review. I will definitely be looking into this software.



  24. Vimal says:

    I’ll be using it to diversify my backlink sources. Thanks for the review 🙂

  25. Mytechguru says:

    Good review and you are correct “link diversity” is key to Google success!

  26. Been using UAW since 2008 and im still getting great results in 2011

  27. David Smith says:

    Sounds like something I want to use. Does it submit the same article to all directories and is this ok with Google and other search engines? Hoping to hear from someone on this so I can get the word out to health affiliates to promote my Clickbank product. Thanks

    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi David,

      You need to spin your articles so content submitted to all articles are unique. I’ve got amazing results with their service and it works even better for MSN and Yahoo because they count more on in-content links.


  28. QR Code says:


    What do you mean with Spin your article?

  29. susie says:

    Hi henry,
    Thanks for sharing. I just started writing articles for my blog so i haven’t really started doing any backlinking yet but your info on UAW is awesome. I may try thier service n will let u know. Thx.

  30. Toni Scott says:

    Well, I just canceled my UAW subscription after two months. After submitting about 8 articles that were supposed to be submitted to around 500 directories each, supposedly I have 20 backlinks, and I’m not sure they’re all from UAW. Those backlinks only show up in MajesticSEO, which is what UAW links to to check your links, and do not show up in SEOMoz or Google Webmaster tools. I’m concerned that these are links to directories that aren’t even indexed, and in that case, to do they really help?

    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Toni,

      The UAW team constantly improves their service and I’m still getting great results with them. Sometimes when you don’t see those backlinks show up, it doesn’t mean that those links are not helping. You should always track your rankings.



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