How Not to Waste Your Golden Keywords

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How Not to Waste Your Golden Keywords

You do not imagine how many people – while pursuing the best of the hopes – are naturally damaging their SEO success. Indeed the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

As a person who has been doing link building help to different businesses and as a person who has a daily growing community of link builders – I have seen too often how people are killing their chances to get more traffic.

That is why I decided to explain what is wrong and how to stop wasting your golden keywords in future.

What are these “Golden Keywords” About?

Let’s define the notion of “golden keywords” first, because this is a term from my personal use and you are not going to find it in the dictionary.

“Golden keywords” are the keywords with small link building competition and nice stable search demand. In other words, these are the keywords in your niche for which you can quite quickly get Google page 1 and milk this traffic, converting it into signups/sales/clicks on your site.

Finding these “golden keywords” is not easy, and usually people hire professional keyword researchers who are finding the keywords with small competition and nice traffic.

And this is where people get into the trap…

I Know My Golden Keywords I will Squeeze the Most from Them!

Nothing bad about taking the bull by the horns. You paid your money for the keyword research, and once you have the keywords – your hands are scratching to use them whenever it is possible. And this can cause you big SEO trouble.

The rule of a thumb is to make thorough use of these keywords ON YOUR SITE (where this is ok), but NEVER use them on the sites of other people.

Let me give you one example that will explain everything.

Let’s say your golden keyword is “bodybuilding for snoring relief” – obviously I have invented the keyword on the go, so don’t try to fight for this keyword 🙂

Of course, you used this keyword on your site: you put it into the meta title of the page, in the meta description, mentioned “bodybuilding for snoring relief” several times in the text and started to build backlinks with “bodybuilding for snoring relief” being inside the anchor text of your backlinks. Great, you’ve done your homework perfectly well!

But then you decide to get some extra publicity for this topic, and you submitted an article or press release and in the title you used “bodybuilding for snoring relief” – this is where the troubles come in…

You see, famous article and press release directories are very reputable in the eyes of search engines. That is why if you publish an article on a famous article directory with “bodybuilding for snoring relief” used in the title of the article, then very soon you can see that this article got a better position in Google for the search “bodybuilding for snoring relief.”

And this is just because you used “bodybuilding for snoring relief” in the title and it got published on a SEO trusted resource.

This is great for the article directory: you helped them to get top position for another great keyword. But is that great for you?

THEY Get Most of the Traffic You are Left with Breadcrumbs!

Even if the difference is small, and your article on another site has position 1 in Google, and your site has position 2 in Google – the difference in traffic will be serious. It is proven that position 1 can be getting up to 2 times more traffic compared to position 2.

Now just imagine how much traffic you can lose because someone reads your article on another site and will never click your link in the resource box at the bottom of the article.

Does It Mean I Should Stop Submitting Content to Other Sites?

Wrong! It is wise and important to build extra traffic via submitting your content to niche blogs, social news networks, article and press release directories.

But you should use general keywords in the title of your content publish on these other sites. If you use a golden keyword, then you are creating a serious competitor.

In my free link building network ( people submit content to niche blogs, and I noticed that a big portion of the people are trying to put their golden keywords into the title of the submitted articles, thus helping the niche blogs to get extra traffic and stealing this traffic from their own sites.

The only place where you SHOULD use the golden keyword on the pages of other sites is the anchor text of the backlink which links to YOUR site. Using golden keywords in anchor text of backlinks pushes your site higher in the Google search results, and this has been proven by thousands of link building experiences.


Be wise with your golden keywords – they are your online business asset. Do not help other sites to score for these keywords, by using golden keywords in the titles of any content, published outside your site.

Be smart – and SEO abundance will come to your business.nick bokhonok free traffic system

About author:

Nick Bokhonok – inventor of Internet marketing and SEO tools since 2000.

In his new community people build unlimited one way links for free and push their sites to Google page 1.

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