5 Time Management Tips To Boost Your Online Profits

This is actually an email interview with Matt Poc. Mat is a loyal reader of my blog (big thanks!)

In this post, I will answer 5 time management questions which will make your online marketing venture more profitable.

How do you stay focused?

To stay focused, you need to create a quiet workspace with no interruption.

If you work at home, clear your work time with your spouse and kids. Tell them do not disturb your when you are working. Tell them you are working, you are doing your own business. Your family needs to know that when you are behind closed doors, it’s all business.

And if you just can’t find the space, then you might consider working on your online business after everyone goes to bed. Yes, you’ll lose some sleep some nights, but you can set it up so that you only have late work nights once or twice a week.

How do you stay disciplined?

When you are at work, stay away from email, Skype, Facebook or forums until your task is done.

Simply putting a deadline on every worthwhile action, and force yourself to follow the discipline to adhere to the deadlines.

The best way to inspire yourself to work is to set rewards for good work or finished projects.

So once all your items on your list are crossed off, reward yourself a small but tangible reward. Play games on the Facebook; chat with your friends; take a walk and eat your favorite food. But limit that time to 15-20 minutes at most

How do you plan your time?

Personally, I have a “loose” structure for time management -In other words, I am not the robot type because it does not work for me. I don’t work that much, I take hell a lot of time for entertainment with my friends and family.
But some people DO need to have everything planned out in order to get things done. Depending on what type you are, you can plan your time accordingly.

When it comes to time management, what mistakes do you think people make?

The biggest time management mistake for most people is that they are wasting too much time on non-profitable activities.

If you spend 3 hours every day simply reading discussion boards, checking emails or your affiliate earnings, that is an action. However, it’s just not the right action. It isn’t going to be profitable action.

Here are some common non-profitable activities people are doing:
•  Perfecting site layouts
•  Chatting on Facebook / Twitter / forums etc.
•  Reading  tons of blog posts
•  Buying lots of money-making courses
•  Checking emails
•  Checking affiliate earnings every 15 minutes

Sometimes, those most profitable actions are those with low importance, like writing email broadcasts, writing content for your authority sites, and creating content for your products.

However, they are the activities that will bring you the most subscribers, most money and best results.

What do you think is the most important element in time management?

The MOST important thing when it comes to time management is to do your MOST profitable things as early as possible to make SURE they are done in the day. For example, if mailing your list makes you $500/day, make sure you send that email broadcast out no matter what. THEN do the other things you need to do.

There are a few things that make most of your profit and MANY things that make little or no profit like replying emails, writing articles. Just do the profitable things early every day without miss. When you start seeing more profits coming in, you’ll be more motivated.?????ikoniИкониПодаръциikoniикониикониПравославни икониикони на светци

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