Make Your First $100 Online by Giving Away Free Stuff – Part 1

Why am I writing this series of posts?

A large number of my subscribers told me that they ain’t makin’ anything online via the recent survey.

So as promised, I will show you a secret tactic that to give away free stuff on your website and make money, in this series.

Here’s a screen shot of one of my affiliate accounts:

You may notice that, there’s nothing showed there in the “Sales” column, because I’m not selling anything yet. …Click to Continue →

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Best Affiliate Networks of My choice

heart_shlp1.gifFirst you may need to forget some of the big names you may have ever heard of: CJ, Linkshare…

It’s because personally, I don’t have very good experience with them. They are either hard to use, or have some weird rules.

So I list some of my favorites here and it will be updated frequently. I hope this can help you to make choices which ones to join.

  • ClickBank – One of the most popular affiliate network, dedicated to digital products sold by thousands of vendors. In case you don’t know what an “digital product” is: Digital products include e-books, video tutorials, audio and software – basically anything that downloadable.
  • The reason I love Clickbank is the large commission on every sale. Since Clickbank specializes in information products (where the product vendors’ costs are tiny), so the commission is huge – often as much as 50-75%.

    One section of ClickBank that you will visit over and over again is their Marketplace, which can be found at The ClickBank marketplace lists almost all of the products that are currently being sold vendors so that you can browse through and pick one to start promoting. There is no need to apply to promote products with ClickBank, you just enter your ClickBank name and that’s it.

  • Maxbounty – Personally I think this kind of incentive affiliate network is a much better choice than some of the big ones like Amazon. If you sold a $100 value product for Amazon you get $10 in return at most. Luckily this situation changed since I found Maxbounty.They have some merchants pay you $20 to have people sign up for free trial offers. Those offers only require your visitors pay a very small amount of fee(Generally $1-$10).
  • Ourfreestuff – A little known affiliate network I get good results with. They have so many internation offers that if your site has more international traffic rather than US traffic, it’s a must-join.
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