How to Make Affiliate Sales Without A List

ForumI just got back from the short vacation in Hong Kong, and I found an email in my inbox from one of my subscribers Tiffany asking me how to sell products as an affiliate without an email list to send to.

Hmm… I received her email probably because the video course I brought to you in my last email was an example of the list building thing…

I almost forgot my subscribers who like Tiffany that don’t have a list! Soooorry!

So how to sell products as a affiliate if you don’t have a list, or even don’t have a website?

The answer I wanna give is to become active member of several forums that are related to your niche, and post regularly.

It’s called Forum Marketing

I know it works because I’ve personally made hundreds of dollars using this method. I really don’t post much in forums because I’m lazy 🙂

I simply follow the 6-step forum marketing system:

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