3 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Websites

1. Why You Sell Your Websites?profit

Why ARE you selling your websites? If you can’t answer that yourself, it’ll be much harder to gain the trust of your potential buyers.

If you had such a valuable website but no reason for selling it, why would you do it?

You wouldn’t. And your prospects know that. If you’ve got no good reason for selling, then you’re site probably isn’t worth selling.

One golden rule of influence & persuasion is that people are more likely to agree to a request if a reason is given – “People simply like to have reasons for what they do.”

So every time you sell a website, make sure to give a reason WHY you sell it. Whatever the reason is, you need to start thinking about it: Having a clear idea of “why” will mean you sell your site for more money.

In this way, you earn trust and get more offers from serious, cashed-up buyers.

2. Where to Sell Your Websites?

From the experience of many pro site flippers, the ONLY place to sell your website is http://flippa.com/

You might have heard of its old name –the SitePoint Marketplace. They rebranded and changed their name to flippa.com in mid 2009.

Why you MUST sell your site on flippa.com?

There are already thousands of cashed-up buyers waiting to buy sites in this marketplace. And Flippa also has several unique security features in place to protect both for buyers and sellers from scammers.

If you don’t already have an account, go and get one right now. It’s free and very easy to signup: https://flippa.com/signup

3. Are You Selling, or Just Listing Your Websites?

This is why so many people failed at selling their sites: they simply list their site and hoping for the best.

Do NOT list websites, sell them!

So many times, I see real, valuable websites put up in the marketplace by real, genuine sellers. They are all sites that “flip-ready” and anybody could buy and start making money from immediately.

But you know what? Nobody wants them.

Why theses sites don’t sell?

Just like we sell products online with a sales page, you also need a “sales page” style auction listing to make people bid like crazy and fight for it 🙂

And the good news is, you don’t need to be a top copywriter or direct marketing guru to do that.

Ask yourself what are your sites’ big selling points and make your sites look as profitable as possible.

Buyers can’t see the value in a site they know nothing about. You should let them perceive the real value in your sites.

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To your amazing success,

Henry Zeng

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