Unique Article Wizard Review & Bonuses

unique article wizardYou see, I’ve been recommending 3waylinks to my subscribers all the time, because of its efficient, fully automated link building network.

Yeah, 3waylinks is great, but just using it as your only link building method is not enough especially if you want to dominate more competitive markets and terms.

Like what I said, “don’t ever put all your link eggs in one basket”. You need a healthy mix of link building techniques to rank your keywords and get avalanches of free organic traffic.

I use Unique Article Wizard to submit 10s of 1000s UNIQUE version articles to countless article directories, ezines and blogs with link back in the resource boxes in the articles.

I guess you have already checked out the results I got with UAW:


With traditional article marketing tactics, you publish exact the same content to a lot of article directories.

You see, when one and the same article is republished, Google quickly “understands” this is a duplicate content.

No, “the big G” won’t punish you for doing this. But they will potentially lowers the SEO value of backlinks built from duplicate content pages.

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Bum Marketing Way to Get Targeted Traffic for Free

5967365thm.gifDo you know there are two types of traffic? They are targeted traffic and non-targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic from people who are interested in your product or service and would be more likely to spend money on what you offer.

And non-targeted traffic consists of the people who are not interested in buying what you have . They will not part with their cash for what you are selling.

Obviously, it’s the targeted traffic that we’re interested in. It’s no need to try to convince the non-targeted group into buying from you. You’ll be wasting your time and effort.

Here’s a recent comment from Gina telling her problem with getting traffic to her site:

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