The SUREST Way to Make $10,000+/mo As an Affiliate… (Guaranteed)

Imagine a person is looking for a review of a particular product and finally  get your review site… he reads your review, finds it honest, useful and what does he do next?

He buys the product through your affiliate link.

And you get the commissions for that sale.

What they’re looking for is a mixture of proof and reasons. They want their money in good use, so they want someone to help themselves internally make the decision for the purchase.

You DON’T spend unnecessary time or effort trying to chase your visitors and pitch them.

Your review sites are just driving “buyers”for you!

One guy called Chris Rempel has used this EXACT review site strategy to build a $100,000 business in 6 months.

As Chris says, “In some cases with this strategy, the sites that generate what most would consider a full-time income get just 70 visitors a day or less.”

When I firstly implemented this tactic, I turned one of my $20/mo old sites into a $200/mo money magnet – with 2 hours work.

I simply copied some of the content on the product sales page, changed the site layout based on the keywords I researched, then I promoted the site.

Technically I didn’t make any reviews at all!

However, I’m so amazed to find out that review site traffic is so profitable that it’s almost GUARANTEE to sell.

It IS the simplest way to profit online, if you ask me.

Why I Think Creating Review Sites IS the Surest Way for Me to Get My $10,000/mo Goal on Auto-pilot

Let me tell you the difference between a super Internet marketer (the top 1%) and an average marketer (the remaining 99%)…

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5 Surefire Tips to Boost Your Residual Income Affiliate Program Earnings

If you followed my previous post, you will already get my concept that it’s crucial to have income sources that give you passive income over and over again.

And if you missed it, here’s the article again:

As I mentioned, a majority of your efforts in Internet Marketing should be targeted at generating a recurring or residual income.

And here are my 5 surefire tips to help you squeeze the most of your recurring affiliate programs.

1) Promote high value, qualified products

The first rule does not only affect recurring commission products, but also applies to any affiliate products you’re promoting.

Remember, it is the benefits your referred customers receive to warrant them to continue investing in their recurring products.

2) Squeeze more money with closed-door affiliate programs.

Closed-door affiliate programs are those that require you to buy their products to be their affiliates. You are not going to be charged an arm and a leg to join; but you do need to find the good ones to join.

Here’s something you may not know about closed-door affiliate programs. They are generally to convert better!

Because you get lower chances of “getting crashed”- Ouch, another dude’s promoting exact the same product to your prospects!

There’s also less chance for Internet pickpockets to steal your affiliate commissions by simply replacing your affiliate links with theirs, because only customers get permissions to promote the products.

“But you’re kidding me! It cost me money to join an affiliate program?!”

Well, many public affiliate programs pay you less money (for example, they may not pay you on backend sales) or not convert as well as the closed-door ones, so this all balances out.

In life it’s hard to break the “sowing / reaping” principle, the “you get what you pay for” rule.

3) Pick out services that existing customers unlikely to stop recurring subscriptions

Impossible? Okay, I’ll show you some. Most products of this kind are technical related services.

As you know, I promoted a site called 3waylinks in my previous newsletter. It is a service that can help your sites rank well in Google. Each of the sites gets 250 “one-way” backlinks, which will have a great impact on search engine rankings, especially for Google.

So what if the member stops his recurring payment? The “one-way” backlinks will get disappeared immediately the day his account expires.

Another good example is Viral Link Tracker, a nice tool that can cloak affiliate links, track signups & sales conversions.

Think about it. When people got all their cloaked affiliate links spread on the Internet, do you consider they will ever think of canceling the service and make all their links invalid?

4) Bonus bribery strategy

This strategy is so simple but works. Offer your prospects some bonuses if they sign up under you rather than others!

How many resale rights products do you have in your hard disk? I guess a dozen of, right? Pick out the ones that related to the recurring products you’re promoting.

Ask your referrals to provide you their payment receipts and give them your resale products bonuses to download.

5) Help your referrals to benefit more!

After some time of hard promotion, you probably get quite a few referred recurring customers. And as you may noticed, many of these recurring affiliate programs allow you to contact with your referrals. Make use of this powerful feature! Introduce yourself to them, share your tips, make friends with them and get them stay longer for their subscriptions.

It’s not as hard as you think – show your personal experience with that recurring product, how you take advantage of it, how you benefit from it. Your referral will be truly thankful to you for helping them and more loyal.

Here I list the exact recurring commission products that I make money with:


Private label club (this one converts like crazy!)

IMBuzz Software

Viral Link Tracker

Free Traffic Bar (get very high qualified traffic from this program)

LeadsLeap (my pro ad gets more than 400 clicks every month)

I’m always pleased to hear what you think of residual income affiliate marketing here. Just comment and share your thoughts below.

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Affiliate Marketing: How to Survive In the Long Run

As a veteran online marketer, I know affiliate marketers who start off quite successfully, making 1000s of bucks by promoting affiliate products.

But within another couple of months, their incomes are back down to break even, and they find it tough to maintain their earlier success.

And on the other hand, the smart guys know that long term survival in affiliate marketing comes by promoting products that pay recurring. They promote the product one time, but the income from the promotion is recurring that they can grow their commissions month on month.

Especially as an affiliate marketer, this can be critical to your survival.
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How to Make Affiliate Sales Without A List

ForumI just got back from the short vacation in Hong Kong, and I found an email in my inbox from one of my subscribers Tiffany asking me how to sell products as an affiliate without an email list to send to.

Hmm… I received her email probably because the video course I brought to you in my last email was an example of the list building thing…

I almost forgot my subscribers who like Tiffany that don’t have a list! Soooorry!

So how to sell products as a affiliate if you don’t have a list, or even don’t have a website?

The answer I wanna give is to become active member of several forums that are related to your niche, and post regularly.

It’s called Forum Marketing

I know it works because I’ve personally made hundreds of dollars using this method. I really don’t post much in forums because I’m lazy 🙂

I simply follow the 6-step forum marketing system:

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