How to Use “Link Pyramid” Structure to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is maybe  by far the most confusing traffic-generation strategy when you’re just starting out.

Sometimes, you may have wondered that why your sites have so many backlinks, but still couldn’t get the high rankings as you expected.

To explain this, SEO guru Jonathan Leger introduced his “link pyramid” theory that you need to make your site’s link structure look nature in Google’s eyes.

We all know that all incoming links are not created equal. Links from authority sites are much more powerful than links from niche blogs, general directories or blog comments.

But does more authority links always mean better rankings? The answer might not be what you think.

To make it nature, you want to construct what he calls a “link pyramid” for your site.

This pyramid is a 3-level structure of links: 1) your base links, 2) your mid-range links and 3) your highest quality links.

link pyramid

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Make Your First $100 Online by Giving Away Free Stuff – Part 2

Henry here with your second part. I hope you found part 1 helpful.

Now let’s go down to the sections that how to actually find a profitable market and build your affiliate websites.

And if you missed part 1 of the article, you can view it here:

Step 2: Select give-away offers & Keyword research.

Before I select the offers, I browse each of my favorite networks because the same offer in different networks may have different commissions.

Now I’ll give you an example:

ORC – Apple iPod nano (Web & Search Traffic Only)

Description: New Apple® iPod® nano. As Thin as a No. 2 Pencil. Stores up to 3 Days of Songs! Participate in the offer and surfers can get it for free. Complete both page one and page two for the lead to be generated. ZIP code required.

You see, when someone clicks the link, and complete the simple two-page signup process; you get $2.40 per lead.

Maybe it doesn’t sound much, but what if you can get 1000s of people sign up for you?
Yeah, this will bring you a nice stream of income.

Now let’s do some keyword research to see if it is worth building a separate affiliate site to solely promote free iPod offers.

Download Keyword Buzz software free here:
Keyword Buzz is a keyword research software that can help you find 1000s of search terms and analyze the demand and supply of any niche market.

Let’s try the keyword “free ipod”

Now the number in the searches column is how many times per day the keyword gets searched.

Wow, you see that more than 1,000 people are searching for free ipods on the Internet every day. Profitable market, uh?

For my part, if your targeted keywords have more than 50 searches per day it’s usually worth building an entire site for that and related keyword.

Step 3: Build your CPA affiliate site & Drive Traffic

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