How to Make Affiliate Sales Without A List

ForumI just got back from the short vacation in Hong Kong, and I found an email in my inbox from one of my subscribers Tiffany asking me how to sell products as an affiliate without an email list to send to.

Hmm… I received her email probably because the video course I brought to you in my last email was an example of the list building thing…

I almost forgot my subscribers who like Tiffany that don’t have a list! Soooorry!

So how to sell products as a affiliate if you don’t have a list, or even don’t have a website?

The answer I wanna give is to become active member of several forums that are related to your niche, and post regularly.

It’s called Forum Marketing

I know it works because I’ve personally made hundreds of dollars using this method. I really don’t post much in forums because I’m lazy 🙂

I simply follow the 6-step forum marketing system:

1. Find good products with affiliate programs

2. Join forums on topics related to the product

3. Create smart signatures

4. Participate in forum discussions

5. Earn commission

6. Analyze & Repeat

If the products you are promoting are Internet marketing related products, you can join forums like ConquerYourNiche. There are also a lot more Internet marketing forums out there.

I learnt this simple but effective forum marketing tactic totally from a $9 report called On Demand Profits by my friend Alok Jain.

So if you’re looking to earn money as an affiliate, but you don’t yet have an email list to promote to, skip a meal at Pizzahut’s and invest that $9 into this report!

Here is the latest testimonial of ODP that Alok happily showed me a few days ago:


Hey Alok,

I am one of your customers, I bought ODP from your website on 28th July. And boy, am I glad I did. After wasting precious dollars and hours on a dozen ebooks, I finally found success with your program.

On Demand Profits is a gem. Your writing style and step-by-step approach made it a walk in the park. I implemented your system on Sunday and I was amazed to see over 50 bucks in my account on Monday.

I replicated the whole process like you suggested, and guess what – I have grossed over $250 till now. I am ecstatic, to say the least. These are my first earnings from the internet, ever.

Thanks a ton, Alok. You rock!

Andrew Miller

PS: Feel free to use this email as a testimonial 🙂


Well, there you go. ODP has helped hundreds of people make their first buck online. I know of many others like Andrew who started clocking over $100 a day within a few days of buying ODP. And here’s the shocker – ODP retails for under $10. This takes away any excuse you may have for not trying it.

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  1. Alvin says:

    What does Tiffany mean?

    By the way,I do not want to levea my eMail address here.

  2. Henry Zeng says:

    Interesting question, boy 🙂

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