Video Mini-Course On “Building Your Mini-Courses”

Mini-Course List Building Videos I just came across a nice video mini-course by Jim Edwards. It’s all about how to build your own email mini-course using some proven strategies. I think Jim really lost his mind that he could easily have sold this material for $29 or $39 without breaking a sweat but it’s FREE!

You’ve already heard the money is in the list, right? You can develop a large list by using this mini-course strategy. People will be eager to join your list since you promise to give your subscribers some nice benefits in your mini courses.

You build trust and credibility with your readers over time by providing useful information in your mini courses. People see you as an expert and trust you, so you can recommend them some quality affiliate products and make nice money with your list.

In this mini-course Jim will use the latest audio and video streaming technology to quickly teach you:

1. What a mini-course is and how to use it to build a list fast!

2. Why your “PROMISE” is the single most important ingredient for getting thousands of people to join your list.

3. Which types of messages whip people into action and have them grabbing for their wallets to spend money with you!

4. The single most important criteria for the autoresponder you select to administer your mini-course!

5. Why most people fail — when they could easily succeed — at building a HUGE list and raking in the profits!

Just enjoy 🙂

Video Lesson #1
What is a Mini-Course… Why You Want One… Results You Can Expect (5:54)
Video #1

Video Lesson #2
How a “Mini-Course” looksHow it works… The #1 Key to getting a lot of signups! (4:28)
Video #2

Video Lesson #3A
How to choose the BEST Topic… Examples… How to divide up your topic for MAXIMUM impact… (5:29)
Video #3A

Video Lesson #3B
How to structure your messages for MAXIMUM PROFIT… The best messages to send… The KEY to making money with mini-courses… (4:50)
Video #3B

Video Lesson #4
How to SKYROCKET your subscription rates… 9 proven techniques for finding subscribers! (4:50)
Video #4

Video Lesson #5
The most important features you should have in any autoresponder you choose… How to compare services to find the best one for you… (5:09)
Video #5

Audio Lesson
How to get your mini-course up and running as FAST as possible… how to get the MOST people to sign up… lots more! (7:03)


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