You Better Lay The Foundation Before You Begin To Build

“You Better Lay The Foundation Before You Begin To Build”

by Jimmy D. Brown


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Imagine a skyscraper without a foundation.


Or, even the home or apartment you live in without a foundation.


Not a pretty site, huh?


In fact, neither could survive without their foundation. They’d topple over under the pressure.

I want you to think of your business as a skyscraper. Each floor of your skyscraper is made of different offices. Offices like joint ventures, newsletter publishing, automated follow-up, article distribution, free reports, autoresponder messages, eCourses, networking and so forth.

They are all a part of your business, this skyscraper that you are building. All are important, but none of them are as important as the foundation.

Every single level of your eBusiness is tied to the foundation. And that foundation is email marketing.

Lean this: it is impossible to be successful online without some form of marketing via email. Nothing else comes close to the power of a good list and an understanding of how to use it.

It’s your foundation. It’s the base upon which you build your eBusiness.

Everything about what you are going to do online is directly related to your list. And everything you do online should, in some way, work towards building and perfecting your list.

I’ll say it again. It’s your foundation. Everything centers around email marketing.

Now, I don’t know how familiar you are with foundations, but let me share something about them with you. The deeper the foundation, the taller the building.

Let me say that again, the deeper the foundation, the taller the building. How tall a building is able to stand is directly related to how deep the foundation is laid.

Your success online revolves around that same principle. You don’t just need a list — you need a DEEP foundation of email marketing.

A DEEP foundation.

What does a “DEEP foundation” mean? Glad you asked. :o)

D = Diverse. You need more than just a newsletter list. That’s only the tip of the iceberg of email marketing. Just a drop in the bucket.

You need lists (plural!) and sublists (again, plural!), all building your skyscraper for you — for the most part — automatically.

I personally have around 50 different lists. That’s DIVERSITY. Want a DEEP foundation of email marketing, then you must be diverse.

E = Effective. It’s one thing to have 50 different lists, it’s another thing to know how to use them. And use them to your maximum advantage.

Email marketing isn’t just about BUILDING lists. That won’t pay the bills. You also need to know how to WORK your lists and convert subscribers into customers.

I’ve always said that in email marketing math “subscriber = future customer”.

And I stand by that equation. I know for a fact it’s the truth.

But, only if you know how to effectively market to your list.

E = Educational. Here’s the big key to email marketing…to educate your subscribers.

You can’t bombard your lists with offers and expect them to simply begin forking over their hard-earned cash for you because you asked them to.

Instead, you gotta educate them. You gotta give them quality content, feed them with useful and valuable information. Email marketing — despite what many people may think — is a partnership.

A partnership between you and your subscribers. And let me be frank here — no one likes a partner who doesn’t pull their weight.

If you want folks to buy from you when you market to your list, then you need to also provide them with consistent, quality information that they can use and apply.

P = Proactive. And finally, your email marketing needs to be proactive.

You need to aggressively build your lists. You need to frequently provide your readers with rock-solid content. You need to put those offers in front of your readers so they can buy from you.

It’s the foundation, remember. You want your eBusiness skyscraper to grow taller and taller? You’ve got to go deeper and deeper with your foundation — build both quantity and quality… that is MORE subscribers and LOYALTY among your subscribers.

Everything I do online works towards getting more subscribers into one of my automated systems. Everything. It’s always a priority.

When I release a new eBook, there is always an eCourse offered inside. When I publish an article there is a part two availabe via autoresponder. When I participate in an joint venture, there is always a built-in tool for getting more leads onto a list.

Aggressive. Proactive. Always thinking about getting more folks onto a diverse set of ever-growing lists. It’s a great big funnel.

And it works for all involved. The subscribers get FREE quality content and high-quality product recommendations. And I get loyal readers and profits when the majority of them buy from me.

And the foundation grows deeper and deeper. And the eBusiness skyscraper grows taller and taller.

We’re going to talk about the DEEP foundation the coming lessons of this eCourse. I’ll give you some great ideas for each of the sections — Diverse. Effective. Educational. Proactive.

Before I close out today, let me make one thing clear. I want to STRESS to you that I am NOT endorsing, nor do I condone, SPAM of any kind. Sending out unsolicited commercial email is a definite “no-no.” Don’t do it. Please. You’ll thank me later.

Everything I share with you in this course depens upon you sending email to those who have REQUESTED it. I refer only to strict 100% opt-in email marketing — building lists of folks who have requested to join.

So, that’s what we’re going to talk about here in the next few days.

Are you excited? It’s going to be awesome. So, stay put.

Next, we’ll cover…

“An Easy Way to Automatically Build THREE Different Lead Lists At The Same Time With a One-Time Easy Setup!”

Until then, God bless and best wishes,

Jimmy D. Brown


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