What areas of Internet Marketing you want to learn the most


I’m so glad that I finally launched my blog since I wanted to do it for a long time!

The purpose of creating this blog is to share my ideas, tips and techniques on different aspects of Internet Marketing with you.

Welcome you all to leave your comments on my blog. Please also let me know what areas of Internet Marketing you are interested in the most – SEO, List Building or Adwords?

Your comments will help me create a helpful blog.


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24 responses to “What areas of Internet Marketing you want to learn the most”

  1. Marisa Roque says:

    I have not gone into the links yet but I will, and print them out so I can read them closely. I am a stroke victim and I need to learn how to make money online fast, because I do not enjoy as much mobility as I did before. I am a complete newbie, though, so I am only just familiarizing myself with the medium–everything is so new and I do not know what they mean sometimes. Thank you for the free link, I hope it will not be discontinued or made nonfunctional, because I WILL be using it.

  2. Henry Zeng says:

    Hi Marisa, thanks for your comments. I think there is hardly anyway to make money online fast.

    Just learn the basic and constantly practise on what you learn. And you will see profits soon : )

  3. gina says:

    im having a problem with getting traffic to my website and tour takers. im afraid to blow my money on guaranteed tour takers and sign up, for i have heard some horror stories on those. Do you have any sure way to get me traffic in you own personal opinion? (Paid and Non Paid Ways) Adwords is killing my budget $250 in less than 3weeks

  4. Henry Zeng says:

    Hi Gina I just published a blog post that introducing an effective and free way to get targeted traffic. Hope you don’t mind I put your name and comment in the post entry 🙂 Thanks!


  5. Frank says:

    Hey Henry,

    Don’t take it so hard. All your stuff on the free download has been available online for at least the last nine months or so. Already have it, heck, probably go it downloaded 3 or 4 times.

  6. Henry Zeng says:

    Thank you Frank.

    I will send you something new very soon 🙂

  7. Asmuii says:

    Fastest and simplest way to earn money online without to read all those B.S, fluff or near just fat reports.

    What I mean here the “fastest and simplest way” is I only had 1-2 hours a day for Internet Marketing and want to make some decent income(some living).

    – Asmuii

  8. Asmuii says:

    and some important points that I forgot to include…

    make it just in a day?


    make it just in a week?


    that’s only Internet Marketing Hype!

  9. Hello there,
    I am a avid blogger,mostly as an affiliate on products I believe are worthwhile and the people impressed me with their honesty,no hype.
    Please visit my main blogging site when you can and look it over. I am interested to hear feedback on it on whether its good content,fair,or needs revamping altogether. I am no computer techy so not versed in notepad,etc to place codes,etc.
    Its a multi-niche site.
    Jeffrey Struck

  10. Jeff says:

    I have purchased about $1,000 in ebooks, all promising you to make money, or Clickbank mostly, and all promoting thier own agenda. I have made $92 in 2 months, and clickbank doesn’t send any money out until you have 5 sales from 5 different visa cards. What is the best, and SURE thing way to make money?

  11. Henry Zeng says:

    Thanks so much for you all to leave comments on this post, I really appreciate it.

    Internet marketing is not as easy as some ads claim. It really takes time & effort.

    The most important principle you should follow is BE FOCUSED. I really learnt it the hard way.

    Never say it won’t work for you until you try a proven tactic for at least 3 months. Then you will be very likely to find it works great for you.

    I’m also planning to run a survey to get your IM problems sorted out and make this blog and my ezine articles helpful for you.

    See ya all in new coming 2008 & to your amazing success!


  12. Mike says:

    Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the email and everything that came with it, much appreciated.
    You’re splash page got me so interested that I stopped everything I was doing just to have a look. The next thing I know, I’m signing up for all sorts of things!!
    Anyway. I’ll go through them a bit at a time and from what I’ve seen so far, should be earning an extra income from your advice and programs.
    Personally, I’m involved in internet brokering. Brief discription:- I find a good niche two tier affiliate program … become an affiliate … find targeted businesses involved in simulsr programs … offer them high percentage rates for placing a small peice of script/banner on there web or email.
    As I’m initiating the program, I too get a percentage… not as much, but then again, when I have a few of them joining and sending the program I’m promoting, out to there list, I think you can imagine the income I get in return.
    I think I’ll try to do this with your program. It’ll need a bit of planning, but it’ll be worth it in the end.
    Well, Henry, that’s it for now. No doubt I’ll here from you again soon.
    Take care

  13. DERRICK says:

    Internet Marketing SITE SET UP… 🙁


  14. Bill Masson says:

    Ban popups they realy are a turnoff even if they are profitable 😈
    Any way just signed up to your newsletter and once i get to know you better i will post you my progress.
    Been going for about 6 months and have about 3 websites and three blogs,& pages floating all around the web. It’s been hit & miss cause i dont have a budget at the moment, but perseverence is my middle name. Any advice on the best converting squeeze page?, i have a bundle of them on my hard drive gathering dust. Ta for now.

  15. Henry Zeng says:

    Hi Bill, you can download some web 2.0 style squeeze pages, just like the one on my blog sidebar:


    Hope it helps.

  16. Bill Masson says:

    Hi, Henry
    Well thank you kindly, i will give it look.Do you have any good sources for tips on how to set up squeeze pages, you no with the download and thankyou pages. Still getting to grips with ftp and html editors, i know i can set up with clickbank but getting a decent return through an affiliate product can be a challenge dont you think. 😀 Chow

    just read Josh Walsh article, Great !
    Traffic Secrets – Secrets of the Guaranteed Traffic Companies Exposed

  17. christensen A servas says:

    Good day,i am very new to the internet and to the affilliate marketing business.I want to create a website like that of yahoo when it was starting,providing a subject directory,i need someone to help me on this,i think i am very creative when it comes to creating names or lines to attract readers.I believe that i have found the job that i will have passion in doing it.Right now i really lack the necessary skills to sign up in affiliate marketing and to create my own website.I used to be a basketball coach,now i have relocated with my family and i am on hard times right now.I hope we can be partners and make some great real cash out of pure genius.im hope we can make billions in the internet.It is possible and we can believe it.I hope to hear from you soon.

  18. Margaret says:

    Hi Henry,
    I am always amazed at the responses to emails from someone like Henry. Some will be positive some will be negative, if in fact there are any responses at all. For myself I try to do a lot of research about anyone who contacts me. Most of the 100-300 emails I get daily are spam, but there are some legit emails with legit offers. I have come to realize that it is near impossible to know who you are talking to, whether from Mr Zeng’s end or from my end when communicating by email. I have learned much on my own, and realize that the internet is much more dog eat dog than the offline business world. On the internet, affiliates have ID piracy, site piracy, and many more different ways to have their profits stolen from them without knowing that anything has happened. There are ways to curb this, but to date many many affiliates lose money do to theft. If someone has had the endurance to stay with it for more than 6 months, they have learned a great deal about how the internet works, and what it takes as a loner to make money online. They have spent some money and have probably not yet made their investment back. This is the case for so many. I don’t call anyone a fibber, however, most claims that say make millions, actually mean that if all works well, and you join my system at X amount of dollars per month, you will make money. Of course, it takes this times 1000 to make what some say you will make. That means it takes time doing the same thing everyday for 1-2 years. Whether it’s 2-3 hours a day it takes time. I see a lot of video presentations desparately calling for new blood to join, and promising with confidence and assertiveness that all will be great. Few actually read their disclaimer though. I have documented each of my affiliate programs as cases. And have a record of the time,money,and code I have put into each. By doing this I can see much clearer how a program is responding to my efforts. I totally refuse to throw my money on the ground just to have someone give me words to read while they are spending my money. Been there done that. I have read many different types of marketing to the masses online, even the famous permission email marketing. I have not been impressed. What I have concluded is this, unless you have the resources to put your business in the spot light, you have a long and tough road ahead.
    For anyone who is doing this on their own you are going to have to starting learning many things. Website building is the least of your worries. Unless you simply want a personal family site, forget building a commercial site unless you have the resources to promote it properly. you are better off studying a single product you like and submitting it to search engines using SEO.
    Now as for my own reasons for being here, I believe that for anyone to make it online, without spending a fortune, that it will take cooperation from a group of like minded people who all pull in the same direction. I think that there should be a trust established between them and that each of the group should be forthcoming as to their abilities and capabilities. Whether it is money or what ever. Anyone who wants to succeed will make a commitment if they know that they will succeed in time. That means the plan is understood and the blueprints are believable. This idea of mine will not be excepted by anyone who has their own agenda. Why? Because the money is not there. It will only be accepted by those who are a viable part of the group. A one for all all for one type of mentality is what it takes. No one makes more than the other, yet all are needed to make it work. Just think what 1000 people could do by each of them doing the same thing. OMG..There is no way that they would fail.
    SO in conclusion, I would like to thank Henry Zeng for inviting me and my ideas to this small blog. I challenge him and everyone who comes here to think about the later of what I said. What difference does it make if 1000 people make 20,000 dollars at the same time. Or even more. Think about it. I will join any group that asks for nothing but commitment, time, and dedication to the overall success of the group.
    Forgive me people for rambling on..

    Looking forward to hearing from you Henry..

    Thanks for the php scripts..


    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Thank you so much for your kindly comment.

      Try Gmail if you are annoyed by all those spam emails. It is a free service that even better than paid.

      The Internet marketing world is so much more competitive than ever. But if you follow those proven business models constantly for some time, you will see results gradually. You also need all kinds of tools of trade to make the process faster and easier.

      I also love your group idea and that’ something I will attend in the future. There are already some good mastermind groups out there and you can refer to this free report to get what I’m talking about.


      Best regards,


  19. alex says:

    Thanks Henry,

    I’ve received your mail instantly I’ve sign up on your XXX I think I’m forgetful because I’m just start to fire up every thing that I just started earlier. I started online business just a month ago and I just chunk everything into one webpage hopefully can get money out of it because I love this business so much and I believe I can create a fortune in this business. Market start to slow down and I’ve already quit my job and want to learn something new and get a new job. Hey! recently my adsense starts to make money and I’m so happy with it and my positive attitude towards this business had already warm up want to shoot like a rocket and I’ve lost my patient. Please advise should you have any money making plan. Thanks.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  20. Margaret says:

    Hi Henry, and all who post here..

    I just wanted to say Henry has been a great host to this comment page. He has always answered each post with speed and help. If you have surfed the net much you will find there are not many who give you this personal touch. Thank you Henry.
    This should give all of us a clue as to what it takes to be successful out here in no mans land.
    A person’s reputation and relationship with his/her readers will make or break you.
    Even for the newbie it does not take long for them to realize the tremendous amount of hype out here. Unfortunately, some have loss a great deal of time and some money. It’s called the school of hard knocks. In my opinion, Henry fights this on going battle by doing what he is doing here. I would suggest to all to emulate his manner and way of helping others. In this way, you will build up a large following. I hope to see Henry’s site here, grow into a super site, with many experts that are willing to follow his example of helping others as can be done. I truly believe that the one for all and all for one type of mentality is the best way to survive out here. Paying it forward sorta speak with encouragement and the best one can offer in help and products. For those who are starting out like me, even if you don’t have the budget for buying anything, you still have the option of building on a site that is an excellent resource for both the newbie and pro. I for one appreciate Henry’s kind help and speedy replies to those who are fortunate to land here. So in closing, when you speak to a friend about marketing or related material, I encourage you to send them here to add their comments of help or to ask a question. Don’t forget to do a bit of research yourself. It takes time to really make a substantial income from the internet. But it can be done. Use this off time to frequent this site and other great resources on the net that are totally free to learn everything you can about how to market and run an internet business. My lil help comment or tip today is this,

    My thanks to Henry for this great place, and for his help.

  21. Margaret says:

    sorry Henry, I entered this twice, please disregard the first one.

  22. To start earning money with your blog, initially use Google Adsense but gradually as your traffic
    increases, keep adding more and more money making programs to your site.
    thanks !! very helpful post!

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