I Got Page 1 Ranking For “Online Marketing Blog” In Google!

Yeah, you know how competitive the keyword“online marketing blog” in the search engines right?

Online Marketing Blog First Page Ranking

No.8 in Google out of 43,100,000 results!

This is another screen shot I took when I just searched “online marketing newsletter” in Google:

Online Marketing Newsletter Front Page Ranking

My CBHelper newsletter ranked in the No.7 position, out of 29,600,000 results in Google!

You’ll see the results vary from time to time so we might slightly be in different positions when you check.

Updated: I got first page rankings on these keywords for sometime but not anymore.

This is because I realized that these high competitive keywords didn’t get me as much traffic as I expected, so I stopped aiming to rank on these keywords.

As one subscriber indicated in the comments, these keyphrases now don’t get many searches in Google.

But this post still shows the possibility of ranking on HIGHLY competitive keywords with my own SEO tactics.

You know, I credit the results to implementing a healthy mix of SEO techniques.

If you got all of your links from social bookmarking sites, if you got all of links from reciprocal links, if you got all of your links from directory submissions…

You are not going to rank as quickly or as highly as you expect, because Google knows that you are pushing hard to build links.

And one day Google may even slap you if they just devalue all the directory links, or all the social bookmark links or things like that.

My advice is, don’t ever put all your “link eggs” in one basket.

This is a good reminder to look at your own link building methods and see how you can diversify.

I will release an honest review on a secret link building tool in a few days that I use to get me tens of thousands of quality backlinks on diverse web sites.

Make sure you stay tuned so you won’t miss anything! 🙂

To your amazing success,


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23 responses to “I Got Page 1 Ranking For “Online Marketing Blog” In Google!”

  1. Donny Wijaya says:

    I’m looking forward to it! =)

  2. Harris says:

    Thanks for posting a useful information, Awaiting for your review on the link building tool which used to get tons of back links.

  3. Alex says:

    Well done Henry! I think you got your hard work rewarded, so, are you going to tell me how long are you working with this stuff.

  4. Congrats!!!But what about the link building tools used…have you used any automated software,…

    Keep up the hard weo hennry

  5. Alanna says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  6. Congrats Henry! Sure you put a lot of effort to get this reward. Cannot wait for your secrets to be revealed…

  7. ivana says:

    do u use 3waylinks? does it still work?

  8. rhysdavies says:

    Good job on the Google rankings. I hope it brings you all the traffic that your hoping for.

  9. Just found your blog today. Really like it – keep up the good work. But hey anything else on this topic you want to share?

  10. Matt Hayden says:

    Yes, this is good advice. I have seen something similar with blogs and sites that I have been promoting. (That said, article marketing does seem to be one of the more powerful methods, at least as far as I can tell.)

    I know lots of people are going a bit crazy commenting on dofollow blogs. But this could backfire. If all you ever comment on is this kind of blog, then Google might penalize you. So, spreading those comments around is best.

    (And it’s a good approach to anything really. I can imagine that many financial investors wished they had spread their money around instead of putting it in one or two major funds!)

  11. Johan says:

    Wow Henry,

    First Time I heard about 3way link… I’m looking forward to know more about it. i hope I can help me to be successful online. Thanks


  12. Hi Henry,

    Great to know about your achievement. Eagerly waiting for your honest review on a secret link building tool for getting lots of quality back links on diverse web sites.

    Best Regards,
    Nipa Shah

  13. Michael says:

    Hi, according to Google:

    [online marketing newsletter]: 210 searches
    [online marketing blog]: 1,900 searches

    Since your rankings are not above the fold that translates to a few dozen visitors per month.

    The point of SEO is to get top rankings for COMPETITIVE keyphrases (online casino, web hosting etc.).

    Do you actually realize this ?

    I am not saying that you are trying to deceive anybody by the way.


    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Michael,

      I just got first page rankings on these keywords for sometime but not anymore.

      This is because I realized that these high competitive keywords didn’t get me as much traffic as I expected, so I stopped aiming to rank on keywords like “online marketing newsletter” and “online marketing blog”.

      But this post shows the possibility of ranking on HIGHLY competitive keywords with my own SEO tactics.



  14. Henry,

    Since 3waylinks only gives 250 bank links, how do you beat guys with over 400 back links?


  15. Michael says:


    these keywords are not highly or very competitive.



    P.S. Apologies for my last post. I assumed that you would simply neglect my concerns.

    • Henry Zeng says:


      If you do a search on these keywords in Google, you will see that I was competing with PR 6+ sites and some of them have as many as 350,000 backlinks.

      They are very competitive keywords.


  16. grosir says:

    that’s great work, i subbed to your ezines

    Cheers grosir,

  17. thanks for the tips. i really doubt whether google might slap devaluing the directory links. your tips might help me for my competitive keyword.

  18. my respect to you would go a notch higher if you were in the top 3 results. But kudos to you for your efforts 🙂

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