Make Your First $100 Online by Giving Away Free Stuff – Part 2

Henry here with your second part. I hope you found part 1 helpful.

Now let’s go down to the sections that how to actually find a profitable market and build your affiliate websites.

And if you missed part 1 of the article, you can view it here:

Step 2: Select give-away offers & Keyword research.

Before I select the offers, I browse each of my favorite networks because the same offer in different networks may have different commissions.

Now I’ll give you an example:

ORC – Apple iPod nano (Web & Search Traffic Only)

Description: New Apple® iPod® nano. As Thin as a No. 2 Pencil. Stores up to 3 Days of Songs! Participate in the offer and surfers can get it for free. Complete both page one and page two for the lead to be generated. ZIP code required.

You see, when someone clicks the link, and complete the simple two-page signup process; you get $2.40 per lead.

Maybe it doesn’t sound much, but what if you can get 1000s of people sign up for you?
Yeah, this will bring you a nice stream of income.

Now let’s do some keyword research to see if it is worth building a separate affiliate site to solely promote free iPod offers.

Download Keyword Buzz software free here:
Keyword Buzz is a keyword research software that can help you find 1000s of search terms and analyze the demand and supply of any niche market.

Let’s try the keyword “free ipod”

Now the number in the searches column is how many times per day the keyword gets searched.

Wow, you see that more than 1,000 people are searching for free ipods on the Internet every day. Profitable market, uh?

For my part, if your targeted keywords have more than 50 searches per day it’s usually worth building an entire site for that and related keyword.

Step 3: Build your CPA affiliate site & Drive Traffic

You can build simple theme based affiliate sites and list similar offers by catalogs to attract search engine traffic and warm up your visitors to have a better conversion rate.

When you browse your CPA networks you will find there are more than one free iPod offers. You can build a mini site and list all of the offers for your visitors to pick up, or just present them the best-covert one.

You just need to test. Test various offers, layouts, position of the button or links to maximize your traffic.

Get your site simple, clean and easy to browse. Make sure to optimize your title and grasp some basic SEO strategies to help your sites get higher search engine rankings.

When you set your affiliate sites up, the first thing you need to do is to get them indexed.

Depending on the SEO work you put in, you’ll start seeing an initial stream of targeted traffic to your sites in few weeks.

I use a service called 3WayLinks to not only get all my mini sites fully indexed but also send 250 one-way links on 3 keywords of your choice to each of your mini-site. The process is fully automated.

I’ve found that 250 links will help your sites rank quite well in Google for most of the low competition keywords.

Once you got your best keywords, you can almost dominate any small (and profitable) niches.

But you really need to be patient because SEO is something that you are impossible to see results overnight.

It generally takes 2-4 months for me to rank in the keywords I chose on the page one on Google because this service.

Remember, patience is a virtue 🙂

I am extremely comfortable recommending this to my loyal readers as a system that will help you get top ten rankings because I personally tested.


To your amazing success!


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7 responses to “Make Your First $100 Online by Giving Away Free Stuff – Part 2”

  1. Peter says:

    Great idea to to make money with freebies….


  2. Michelle says:

    I’d love to make some extra money that supplements what I’m already spending. I’ll sign up for the links in Part 1; Michelle

  3. Shawn says:

    Absolutely brilliant stuff here.

    Very glad you posted your Article at my Article Directory today!! 🙂
    Now I just need to build an affiliate page and put this to work. 🙂

    ArticlesMyMoney Article Directory

  4. sharefortune says:

    Very good idea about making money!

  5. This is just the info I needed, thanks!!

  6. ghirly says:

    Hi, I download your keywordbuzz but unfortunately when I gather keywords it says Connection Error and I don’t know what is the problem.

    hope you can give me tips how can I fix it since I really found your software very interesting.


  7. Gina Reedy says:

    Great point! Cpa offers are one of the easiest ways to monetize a webpage due to the fact that people typically don’t have to pay anything to sign up for it. Could also consider doing this with hot free trial offers like acai.

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