The Most *Dangerous* Obstacle of Making Money Online

old doorHi everybody,

I’d say this post is just important to your online business career. If you don’t overcome this dangerous obstacle, you won’t make any real money online.

I really learnt it the hard way.

Sadly, 90 percent of online marketers are doing things that will prevent them from ever achieving their goals:

They have no plan. They love (and fall victim to) products that promise them huge rewards with little or no efforts. They always hop from one “big opportunity” that can make “a lot of cash” to another. They only care, “can I make money with this?” So today is eBay, tomorrow is Adsense, and yesterday it was another hot concept (but already forgotten by them).

Do you get what I mean?

These people are what I call “opportunity seekers”.

Opportunity seekers buy lots of products, but seldom use any of them. When the next so-called “easy money method” comes by, they just stop their current practice (which probably works) and end up buying the new one. They always ask you:” What’s the easiest way for me to make money right now?”

It’s NOT easy to make money online, buddy.

So DON’T chase everything comes out that looks like it’ll make you money.

If you have ever read Stephen Covey’s The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, one of the most important habits is begin with the end in mind.

For your online business, it means to have a detailed plan and a clear vision in your mind.

Just think about what you would like to have for your online business in the near next 2 years.

30 mini sites that earns you a monthly $200 each? That’s good. 10 membership sites with a solid recurring monthly income of $9000? That’s even great. What about building credibility and having a high response list of 20,000 subscribers that earns you $18,000 every month? That’s fabulous!

But not to have a bunch of digital trash in your hard disk. Not ever!

You should just have your vision like this. Having a vision or not distinct opportunity seekers from real Internet entrepreneurs. When you have a clear vision of what you want your business to become, you will be more focused to your business that makes success possible.

And feel free to share your comments here as usual!



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13 responses to “The Most *Dangerous* Obstacle of Making Money Online”

  1. Amin says:

    Well, Henry,

    I think you’ve said it quite well.

    The vast majority of people are like butterflys, darting all over the place and rarely settling long enough to make an impact.

    It’s easier to believe that a new ‘secret’, or tool, will do all the work for you and create wealth Those who are really creating wealth know only too well that you have to work at it – and keep working at it.

    Would anyone expect to hit the gym a couple of times, do a few bicep curls and get muscular arms just from 2 visits? No! They’d know you have to keep doing it, for growth and most importantly *for maintenance*.

    It’s easy to believe the hype that so many people offer. “Earn $000’s in 17 minutes a day.”

    But let’s be honest, most people, deep down, know that there’s usually a bit more to it than that. After all, you can do a 100 meter sprint in well under 10 seconds if you’re a world-class athletes, but think how much training goes into preparing for those 10 seconds!

    The truth is most people quit just before what they’ve already done starts paying off.

  2. Hi Henry,

    I completely agree with you because I’m one of those who keeps on hopping from one “easy money making method” to the other.

    I can’t even track how much I’ve already spent!

    I just realise that about 2 weeks ago and right now I’m mentally focus and ready to go.

    My vision is to make $1k daily from affiliate commissions and at the same time build a super responsive list.

    How about you guys? What are your vision?

  3. Ameer says:

    Wow That is reflecting me.

  4. Chunyan says:

    I’m a “opportunity seeker” :mrgreen:

  5. Dinah says:

    Hi Henry!

    I would have to correct your statement. Not all of these people who would want to start earning online and buy products here and there are opportunity seekers. Those products may be real investments for them and they may have some other ideas on how to use them. However, they may be misguided or intentionally misled, you see? Maybe we are just not aware of their true objectives like they may have some inherited properties that they would want to start a business from. Some have clear objectives but are being misled.

    But are we aware that there are people who call themselves gurus who persistently seek these unaware newbies, present themselves as being the best in the business and offer them the “best products” they will surely earn millions from? They send email more than once per day saying something like “Hi! It’s 3:00 am here in Miami and I just arrived from Vegas!” or say “Sorry to have kept you waiting. I simply had to
    park my red Ferrari..” Entertaining, right? But my true feeling is.. “Who are you and what’s it to me?”

    Now if you become a victim and purchase their product (by force – you will be shocked at the method employed), they start ordering you around as if you’re their slave, insult you (as if they have the right to do that) and when you don’t follow them, they spread lies about you (as if they know you personally), destroy your reputation, send your email address to spammers, companies saying that you are in dire need and have a damaged credit, to hackers, and they send you rare viruses that infect and destroy your computer. Now how would you feel?

    My honest assessment here is either a personality issue or there must be something really wrong in the upper storey. I would gladly give a referral to a psychiatrist if it’s the only way I can help these individuals.

    So newbies! Be aware that such personalities exist. Be careful in dealing with people who promise you the high heavens. It’s your hard-earned money that these “real opportunity seekers” are after. And it is their only career! I hope I have imparted good advise as it is a personal experience that I have always wanted to share.

    • Henry Zeng says:


      Thanks for your thoughts. I know there are unethical marketers out there who are more than happy to scam you and destroy you. Damn them!

      But true Internet entrepreneurs never so easy “to be sold”. They have a vision and they know so well what they need.

      I suppose it’s never wrong to be focused on your marketing plan, stick with it no matter what new distractions come along.

      Just my 2 cents.


    • Bill Masson says:

      Hi there
      You know you won’t get anything out of it if you don’t put the effort in, i can sympathise with Dinah, I haven’t yet fallen prey to these twisted individuals but they can be extremely persuasive. And so far I can count every penny i have spent thus far and all of this has been spent on mostly on hosting which is a must anyway.

      My inbox is flooded with marketers spin and gall, & i signed up to theses to get a true feeling of how they work their magic. So its lessons by email, but out of all the newsletters & advice & tips eZines i take away a better understanding & knowledge for my adventure.

      I still marvel at how far i have come thus far & look forward not with trepidation but with excitement to spreading that old viral tidal wave that’s called Bill Masson.

      Maximise Your Income

      Enjoy the journey, & Chill out

  6. Hi Henry,

    Yes, I agree with your comments. If
    certainly is correct to say that a
    large number of people destroy there
    chance for success by constantly
    hopping around from program to
    program. As well, many people hang
    out on forums, and waste hours in
    that way.

    I think another big factor is that
    many people are obsessed with the
    “newbie” label and aren’t able to
    move beyond that mindset.

    My best regards,

    • Wow! There’s really some important information here in this blog! Having declared myself as a ‘newbie’ for over a year so far, it’s only recently that I am beginning to see beyond that mindset. I think it’s natural to take notice of attractive sales copy and like many others, I also have way more email (due to subscriptions to various marketer’s mailing lists) than I can read. However, I find that these are indispensable in the learning process.

      I think the most important turning point was when I finally realized (remembered) that the fundamental element to successful internet marketing is the same as that required to be successful in in any other relationships with people – a sincere desire to be of service, providing value perceived to be greater than the associated cost.

      With the rampant ‘scams’ all over the web, it takes time to develop trusting relationships with customers. And this customer base can’t even begin without the provision of a service and/or product that fulfills a need.

      With that being said, I now have a personal ‘vision’ that allows me to think beyond the ‘newbie’ state of mind which I hold firm in my heart while I go around looking for ways I can be of good service to others.

      Thanks for listening… 😉


  7. christensen servas says:

    i am marketing my site really hard,i just want to know how do i make money out fo those sites,ads, are they real?please make a reply

    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Christensen, you can place adsense ads on your web pages which is one of the easiest way to monetize your sites. You can sign up your free account at

      Another way is to promote products as an affiliate.

      Monetizing web sites is something that takes time testing and tweaking but what you need to do right now is to set your ads up and get things going and learn it all by doing.

      To your success!


  8. matt says:

    Wow, Henry, i received your newsletter to check out this post, and reluctantly, i just clicked on it and decided to see what was posted, and to my astonishment, it was really full of insight, specially for ‘newbies’ like me. i can’t say i’ve been taken in on to the whole web of deception that other ‘gurus’ have spun, but this served as a sort of wake-up call. Its true, in life, there’s no easy way to earn money whether illegally or legally. [to date i’ve only spend a couple of tens and been hopping around forums trying to pick up advice from others.]
    i think one of the most important lessons in life is to plan ahead, persevere, learn from your mistakes (its a whole learning process) and slowly but surely results will start to show!
    Cheers Henry!

  9. Thanks Henry! I fell victim to a lot of “opportunities” myself. Great insight into some of the pitfalls. I had to start from scratch because of some of the things I did. But now I am starting with a new game plan. I just love reading your posts and I can’t wait to come back for more.


    D.L. Teddleton

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