How to Get Accepted by CPA Affiliate Networks & The eBay Affiliate Network Truth

1. How to get accepted by CPA affiliate networks

Thanks for all your great feedback on the make money giving away freebies post I made.

However, some people have trouble when they try to join the CPA networks but without a high traffic website.

A blog reader told me that most of my listed CPA companies require the website should have at least 1000 visitors per month, in one of them they even need 10,000!

So how can you get your applications accepted?

Most CPA networks have comments section in the application. You just explain in the comments block that you are going to use Pay-per-click and purchase some banners or text links to send traffic with direct linking.

You can even try calling in them to get your application manually reviewed.

This should get you into the most CPA networks.

2. The eBay affiliate program truth

A subscriber asked for my opinion of the Build A Niche Store script(not an affiliate link), which create content sites through the eBay affiliate programs.

I haven’t personally tried BANS but I don’t suggest anybody to buy it, because the eBay affiliate program is not as profitable as some other ones like Clickbank, even Adsense. Since eBay is only sharing a small part of their bid revenue, about 4% of the closing value of a winning bid, which is not generous compare to 75% of Clickbank sale and 78% of Adsense revenue share.

In fact, personally I’ve never had a good experience with the eBay’s affiliate program. If you really want to use BANS, you need to get approved by eBay Partner Network firstly. But the weird thing is I never get approved!

When they was handling their affiliate program with CJ (which turned out to be a big fail) and my affiliate application got declined automatically.

And on April 2008 they finally dropped CJ and built their affiliate program in house. I tried to join their eBay Partner Network but no response from them since I submitted my application.

And even worse, they banned hundreds of affiliates this month for reason that the traffic they were sending to eBay was “significantly less engaged”.

And here’s even a Squidoo len by a sacked eBay affiliate:

So for most for you, what you need is to follow a proven working system, not something that could make you money right now. (Remember the biggest money-making obstacle?)

Here are some proven working marketing systems by Marlon Sanders if you’re lack of one:

Promo Dashboard (Promo in 3 simple steps with list building)

Marketing Dashboard (Setting up your own online business like the experts)

Design Dashboard (Create amazing web pages that sell products like crazy)

Affiliate Dashboard (Launch your own affiliate program & getting streams of active affiliates)

Each of Marlon’s “Dashboard” products is a easy to follow system. I do love the 6 row of lovely icons, each icon is a single step for you to take. Easy and fun. I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Always remember you don’t need to chase the latest money-making opportunities all the time. What you need is just a system, a proven working system.

And always let me know what you think by leaving your comment below.

To your amazing success!


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13 responses to “How to Get Accepted by CPA Affiliate Networks & The eBay Affiliate Network Truth”

  1. Isyaias says:

    Thanks Henry,
    This is a nice info for me.
    The same experience with eBay affiliate program…..NEVER GET APPROVED!
    Be blessed….


  2. Linda says:

    Interesting post… I agree with some of what you said.. I was accepted to the eBay Partner Network but haven’t really used them yet… Did they ever tell you why you weren’t approved? I have found other affiliate programs work much better and pay more also… Amazon is another one that never really produces any income despite traffic… very low payout percentages… 🙁

  3. The eBay Affiliate program pays out a bit more than 4%.

    Per signup that bids (doesn’t have to win the auction) within 30 days get’s you a nifty $20 (Australian Dollars).

    Also you receive 50% of the end selling fees as a commission. Obviously for small ticket items that will be small… but think about the cars,bikes and boats section!

    I think the selling fee is around 10% but I’m not too sure. so 50% of that is 5%… if you help to sell a $20,000 Toyota the selling fee equates to $200, 50% of that is $100.

    Not bad if you ask me 😉

    Niche stores can be great as more than one of your visitors may bid on the same item… ultimately increasing your commission. Or buying a different toyota will net you another nice commission.

    Testing and research is the key there.


    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Nathan,

      You are so right that you need to test to see if something works or not.

      But in my experience, EPN is just not for most of the people.

      And thanks for your kindly reply.


  4. Hi and thank you for all the info I receive from you.

    As a newbie I am looking for any good free information that I can get. And, yours is always good.

    However, I am unable to download for the time and management link you have above. I get a 403 error.

    Thanks for the help,

  5. Bryan Hee says:

    I’m agreed with you that don’t try ebay affiliate programs. They will ban your account if you’re not active.

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  6. Shekhat says:

    Weekly payouts for super affiliates. DirectTrack tracking. Nicely done website. Many worldwide (international) offers. Great support team!

  7. Nice post Henry.

    I agree with you 100%. I also was auto-declined during the CJ days and just recently I was looking at BANS and tried applying for the EPN but was refused.

    I also came to the same conclusion as you about the BANS program. I really can’t see anything about eBay to get excited about but as you replied to one comment, you have to test everything.

    Thanks Henry,


    P.S. Like the nifty newsletter subscribe bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen. IS it a plugin or a script?

  8. Jay Jayesser says:

    This is how I got into my CPA networks and I didnt need a site with 1000s of visitors but it was my best performing sites that i used.

    It seemed pretty easy to get accepted and I am from the UK not the USA which I thought might go against me somewhat. I guess I had a few things in my favour. This is what I did when applying and during the telephone conversation:

    Used one of my high quality sites as an example when filling in the application. My background is pure affiliate marketing sales so I had a lot of sites already.

    Used a professional email address – the same as the website I submitted. My site was so i generated an email from that. Its been going for about a year which helps because I read somewhere that the older the domain the better when they look at the site. Also i’ts my best performing site and is at the top of google. Not necessary but helps. (this is not me trying to publicise my site or spread spam – its just so you all can see the type of site MaxBounty liked)

    Have a niche that you have a personal interest in. Mine was health related products. This happened purely by accident – as soon as i told them that their ears pricked up.

    Know how u r going to get them traffic to their offers and tell them. I listed at length all the methods I use and that I am going to use – I was honest.

    In my application I told them about my keyword research. Eg I found a relevant word that has a monthly search of 2.4 million with little competion. i bought all the domains for it and spoke about this in my application.

    The affiliate manager gave me some of their highest paying offers to start promoting.

    All I can say is that everyone’s experience is different. As long as u know your stuff you will have a good chance – Ive had 2 acceptances and no rejections so far!!!

    NOTE: I will tell you right now – the easiest ones to get into are Hydra and CPAbullet. If you want a referrallink for CPA bullet you can use

  9. Jay Jayesser says:

    As an update to my previous post i just got a call from Copiac one of the biggest CPA companies. It was so easy to get accepted – for me anyway. Seriously it took about 60 seconds for them to accept me. You just have to tell them what u can do for them and know what u r talking about! Oh and I am from the UK which didnt seem to matter.

  10. Dear sir,
    Thank you for pouring in excellent free tips to boost our online business.
    Can you check my blog & leave a comment there, of how l can increase my traffic, because l`m only getting 3-4 visitors perday. Thank you.

    From: S.Karunagaran(Malaysia)

  11. thanks a lot for this post. I have always struggled with EPN and have had little success with cpa. thanks for the info.

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