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How to Get Accepted by CPA Affiliate Networks & The eBay Affiliate Network Truth

1. How to get accepted by CPA affiliate networks

Thanks for all your great feedback on the make money giving away freebies post I made.

However, some people have trouble when they try to join the CPA networks but without a high traffic website.

A blog reader told me that most of my listed CPA companies require the website should have at least 1000 visitors per month, in one of them they even need 10,000!

So how can you get your applications accepted?

Most CPA networks have comments section in the application. You just explain in the comments block that you are going to use Pay-per-click and purchase some banners or text links to send traffic with direct linking.

You can even try calling in them to get your application manually reviewed.

This should get you into the most CPA networks.

2. The eBay affiliate program truth

A subscriber asked for my opinion of the Build A Niche Store script(not an affiliate link), which create content sites through the eBay affiliate programs.

I haven’t personally tried BANS but I don’t suggest anybody to buy it, because the eBay affiliate program is not as profitable as some other ones like Clickbank, even Adsense. Since eBay is only sharing a small part of their bid revenue, about 4% of the closing value of a winning bid, which is not generous compare to 75% of Clickbank sale and 78% of Adsense revenue share.

In fact, personally I’ve never had a good experience with the eBay’s affiliate program. If you really want to use BANS, you need to get approved by eBay Partner Network firstly. But the weird thing is I never get approved!

When they was handling their affiliate program with CJ (which turned out to be a big fail) and my affiliate application got declined automatically.

And on April 2008 they finally dropped CJ and built their affiliate program in house. I tried to join their eBay Partner Network but no response from them since I submitted my application.

And even worse, they banned hundreds of affiliates this month for reason that the traffic they were sending to eBay was “significantly less engaged”.

And here’s even a Squidoo len by a sacked eBay affiliate:

So for most for you, what you need is to follow a proven working system, not something that could make you money right now. (Remember the biggest money-making obstacle?)

Here are some proven working marketing systems by Marlon Sanders if you’re lack of one:

Promo Dashboard (Promo in 3 simple steps with list building)

Marketing Dashboard (Setting up your own online business like the experts)

Design Dashboard (Create amazing web pages that sell products like crazy)

Affiliate Dashboard (Launch your own affiliate program & getting streams of active affiliates)

Each of Marlon’s “Dashboard” products is a easy to follow system. I do love the 6 row of lovely icons, each icon is a single step for you to take. Easy and fun. I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Always remember you don’t need to chase the latest money-making opportunities all the time. What you need is just a system, a proven working system.

And always let me know what you think by leaving your comment below.

To your amazing success!


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Complete Clickbank Refund Guide For Clickbank Affiliates

refundI wrote this guide in and I decide to put it on my blog to share it with you.

If you’re a Internet affiliate that promoting Clickbank products, you will probably notice that there is a 90-day refund rule for each product.

Refunds can kill your Clickbank sales efforts! Lots of sales means nothing if your referred customers request their money back.

Refunds can not totally be avoided. What you need is to choose the right product when you start promoting. Calculating the average refund rate of the Clickbank product that you want to promote is a good way to decide if it is worth your time and efforts to promote.

Visit the Clickbank Market Place, you are provided with some important payout stats. Every product at Clickbank has some information attached to it, which can help you determine whether it is a good product for affiliates to sell or not.

%/sale: How much you earn as a percentage of the total price of the product, the commission rate.

$/sale ($Earned/Sale): The average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale in the past considering refunds and the Clickbank fees. With this number, you can have an inner look at the real performance of the products you want to promote.

The average refund rate of a Clickbank product is: (Affiliate Commission – $/sale)/ Affiliate Commission = Average Refund Rate

Affiliate Commission= (Product Price – Product Price * 7.5% -$1) * %/sale

For example, you check the Clickbank marketplace and see the price of ViralPDF is $67, $Earned/Sale is 28.92, and the commission rate is 51%. So the affiliate commission of ViralPDF is 51% * (67-67 * 7.5%-1) =$31.10 and the refund rate is (31.10-28.92) / 31.10 =7.00%. Not bad in my experience.

The average refund rate of Clickbank products is around 10%. With a 5% or less refund rate congratulations you find an excellent product. With an 11%-20% (or higher) refund rate you should consider promoting other ones.

And you should notice that you can’t calculate the refund rate with any accuracy if a Clickbank vendor is selling different products with different prices. I will tell you how to check if this vendor has multiple products. Type payment URLs like this in your browser:,… If you get a 404 error on then this vendor has only one product in the clickbank marketplace.

Another factor is when vendors change their pricing too. Realize that if a vendor offers different products/price this isn’t going to work.

Here’s a little tool for you. I just developed this Clickbank Refund Rate Calculator that can automatically calculate the refund rate, clickbank fees and the actual revenue of the clickbank product you are promoting.

Check it yourself.

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