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Affiliate Marketing: How to Survive In the Long Run

As a veteran online marketer, I know affiliate marketers who start off quite successfully, making 1000s of bucks by promoting affiliate products.

But within another couple of months, their incomes are back down to break even, and they find it tough to maintain their earlier success.

And on the other hand, the smart guys know that long term survival in affiliate marketing comes by promoting products that pay recurring. They promote the product one time, but the income from the promotion is recurring that they can grow their commissions month on month.

Especially as an affiliate marketer, this can be critical to your survival.
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Make Your First $100 Online by Giving Away Free Stuff – Part 2

Henry here with your second part. I hope you found part 1 helpful.

Now let’s go down to the sections that how to actually find a profitable market and build your affiliate websites.

And if you missed part 1 of the article, you can view it here:

Step 2: Select give-away offers & Keyword research.

Before I select the offers, I browse each of my favorite networks because the same offer in different networks may have different commissions.

Now I’ll give you an example:

ORC – Apple iPod nano (Web & Search Traffic Only)

Description: New Apple® iPod® nano. As Thin as a No. 2 Pencil. Stores up to 3 Days of Songs! Participate in the offer and surfers can get it for free. Complete both page one and page two for the lead to be generated. ZIP code required.

You see, when someone clicks the link, and complete the simple two-page signup process; you get $2.40 per lead.

Maybe it doesn’t sound much, but what if you can get 1000s of people sign up for you?
Yeah, this will bring you a nice stream of income.

Now let’s do some keyword research to see if it is worth building a separate affiliate site to solely promote free iPod offers.

Download Keyword Buzz software free here:
Keyword Buzz is a keyword research software that can help you find 1000s of search terms and analyze the demand and supply of any niche market.

Let’s try the keyword “free ipod”

Now the number in the searches column is how many times per day the keyword gets searched.

Wow, you see that more than 1,000 people are searching for free ipods on the Internet every day. Profitable market, uh?

For my part, if your targeted keywords have more than 50 searches per day it’s usually worth building an entire site for that and related keyword.

Step 3: Build your CPA affiliate site & Drive Traffic

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Make Your First $100 Online by Giving Away Free Stuff – Part 1

Why am I writing this series of posts?

A large number of my subscribers told me that they ain’t makin’ anything online via the recent survey.

So as promised, I will show you a secret tactic that to give away free stuff on your website and make money, in this series.

Here’s a screen shot of one of my affiliate accounts:

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How to Earn Two-tier Lifetime Commissions

I want to say something about the two-tier and lifetime commission affiliate programs today.

If you haven’t heard of the word “two-tier affiliate program” before, here is the case:

Two-tier affiliate programs are affiliate programs that not only reward you for your sales, but also rewards you for sales your sub affiliates made. Just like this one:

“Oh, that’s great!” So you may pick it up, sign up a lot of sub affiliates under you, and hope your referrals will make sales for you.

But the fact is: it usually fails.


Just because your referred affiliates will also copy this silly technique – they sign up lots of more people, who also sign up more people. No one make sales, so no one earns any money.

The bottom line: Promote the the product, not the program.

The three most important factors of good two tier affiliate programs are:

1.The product or service is excellent.

2.Commission is generous.

3.High conversion rate.

And let me say it again: Promote the the product, not the program.

Focus your efforts on effective marketing methods like list follow ups, blog products reviews. Just see your two-tier commissions as bonus for your efforts but never expect too much.

And I just found a cool site with lifetime two-tier commission affiliate program, called Dealdotcom.

It’s a very similar site to the huge popular daily deal site,

It offers one top rated Internet marketing product discount deal a day. Lots of marketers check this site out every day to make sure that they don’t miss out on wonderful bargains.

You earn two-tier commissions for the lifetime of the members you refer (35% and 15%), just by telling others about this new “daily deal” site.

That means you will earn commissions for any products your referrals bought and your referrals’ referrals bought, for LIFE!

You can learn all the details here:

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How to Make Affiliate Sales Without A List

ForumI just got back from the short vacation in Hong Kong, and I found an email in my inbox from one of my subscribers Tiffany asking me how to sell products as an affiliate without an email list to send to.

Hmm… I received her email probably because the video course I brought to you in my last email was an example of the list building thing…

I almost forgot my subscribers who like Tiffany that don’t have a list! Soooorry!

So how to sell products as a affiliate if you don’t have a list, or even don’t have a website?

The answer I wanna give is to become active member of several forums that are related to your niche, and post regularly.

It’s called Forum Marketing

I know it works because I’ve personally made hundreds of dollars using this method. I really don’t post much in forums because I’m lazy 🙂

I simply follow the 6-step forum marketing system:

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