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The Power of Viral Referrals

In today’s post, I want to talk about referrals. No matter what business you are in, referrals can be a HUGE income generator.

According to a survey conducted by “More than half (53%) of Internet users had visited websites referred by friends or family members in the previous 30 days.

In fact, some businesses end up ending their other advertising efforts because they can keep busy with referral biz. You should always build the kind of online business that relies on different marketing sources.

The American oil magnate John D. Rockefeller says, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

Just imagine “automatic” sales that come to your site without you lifting a finger; targeted traffic stream in your sales page day after day with no effort on your part. The best day of business life is when traffic and sales are completely automatic as other people are doing all the work on your behalf.

Lately, I’ve been getting HUGE referrals on various viral traffic/link building services which give me massive free traffic and considerable commissions each and every month.

I have since stopped the advertising the last few months… but I’m still getting organic results, referrals and repeat income:

Free Traffic System Referrals

Free Traffic System Links
(More than 5,000 free links to any web page I want to advertise)

(Recurring income each and every month)

The potential can be endless because there’s good chance that you may recruit  some super affiliate referrals!

In fact, over time many affiliates earn more from their super affiliate referrals than their own traffic converting. The viral referral indeed gives you super earning potential.


I’ll be launching a new revolutionary web traffic and viral advertising generator called” Auto Traffic Magnet” on August.

With Auto Traffic Magnet you can:

– Generate viral traffic and advertising automatically

– Earn viral traffic and advertising on all your referrals

– Build your profit list from your downlines with SOLO Email

– Earn monthly recurring membership commissions

And more!

The good news is, as my thank you to my loyal subscribers, I’m offering Gold Auto Traffic Magnet Membership for absolutely FREE!

You will expect the importance and power of making referrals with ATM – your traffic and advertising will grow exponentially.

So just stay tuned for my future posts!

To your amazing success,

Henry Zeng

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The SUREST Way to Make $10,000+/mo As an Affiliate… (Guaranteed)

Imagine a person is looking for a review of a particular product and finally  get your review site… he reads your review, finds it honest, useful and what does he do next?

He buys the product through your affiliate link.

And you get the commissions for that sale.

What they’re looking for is a mixture of proof and reasons. They want their money in good use, so they want someone to help themselves internally make the decision for the purchase.

You DON’T spend unnecessary time or effort trying to chase your visitors and pitch them.

Your review sites are just driving “buyers”for you!

One guy called Chris Rempel has used this EXACT review site strategy to build a $100,000 business in 6 months.

As Chris says, “In some cases with this strategy, the sites that generate what most would consider a full-time income get just 70 visitors a day or less.”

When I firstly implemented this tactic, I turned one of my $20/mo old sites into a $200/mo money magnet – with 2 hours work.

I simply copied some of the content on the product sales page, changed the site layout based on the keywords I researched, then I promoted the site.

Technically I didn’t make any reviews at all!

However, I’m so amazed to find out that review site traffic is so profitable that it’s almost GUARANTEE to sell.

It IS the simplest way to profit online, if you ask me.

Why I Think Creating Review Sites IS the Surest Way for Me to Get My $10,000/mo Goal on Auto-pilot

Let me tell you the difference between a super Internet marketer (the top 1%) and an average marketer (the remaining 99%)…

…Click to Continue →

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6 Reasons Why You Should Join Click2Sell.EU

Few days ago I have come across a new online marketing network called Click2Sell.EU.

While chatting with Click2Sell’s general manager and part owner Egidijus Andreika, I learned that Click2Sell is an all-in-one system for merchants to sell products online, run affiliate programs and recruit affiliates.

It’s also an affiliate programs network for affiliates to select and promote products from Click2Sell Marketplace and earn affiliate commissions.

And I list 6 good reasons why both merchants and affiliate marketers should also consider joining the Click2Sell network.

1) Click2Sell Allows Both Digital And Physical Products.

While ClickBank lists only digital products, Click2Sell allows vendors to sell digital products, physical products and subscription-based products such as membership sites.

You can view the details of each product in the marketplace, such as conversion rate, refund rate, affiliate sales percent, popularity and ranking history and many other info.

2) Advanced Affiliate Referral Tracking Protect System

Your affiliate commissions won’t be stolen, because the unique visitor tracking system protects you from unsavory merchants and other unfair affiliates.

For example, if you refer a first-time visitor to the merchant’s site, you will always be credited to the sale, no matter how others are also promoting the same merchant to the same prospect.

3) Advanced Tracking System For Sales Achievement

In my opinion, this is the one of the best parts of Click2Sell. The real-time reporting area of the control panel is very detailed. In fact, it is so powerful and specific-to-detail that it is split into 7 sub-pages:

General, Daily Report, Conversion Report, Referral Report, Refunds, Transactions, and Keywords.By analyzing the statistics you will be able to find out:

a) How many visitors and views (not to mention sales) your sales pages get.

b) What exact keywords are used in search engines by your sales pages visitors.

c) What websites are bringing the most targeted visitors. For example, 1000 visitors that were referred from website A bought your product 5 times while 1000 visitors from website B bought the same product 30 times. So you will know that advertising on website B is much more beneficial.

d) Absolutely the same is with advertising and PPC campaigns. By conversion statistics you will know which advertising method or PPC keyword is more profitable than others.

e) The number of affiliates that promote your products

f) How your referred users are doing and how much commission you get from them. You can create different tracking channels to test various advertising options somewhere else. You will not need to install complicated tracking scripts any more in order to track sales conversions.

4) 5 Payments Options Available For Vendors To Accept Direct Payments To Their Merchant Accounts Instantly.

Since Click2Sell deals with 3rd-party payment processors, payment is sent to merchants’ or business account immediately. There is no more waiting for weeks or months as you would with other sites.
Click2Sell coordinates sales via five 3rd-party payment processors including PayPal, Moneybookers, WorldPay,, and Google Checkout for merchants to run their affiliate program.

The “Mass Payment” feature for merchants with a few clicks to pay all affiliates at once. This feature is developed in much more convenient way than in some other systems where you need to generate txt files of affiliate payments, then upload it to PayPal and only then you could pay them. In Click2Sell system, everything is done in the member area.

5) No Setup Cost to Sell Unlimited Products

It’s free to setup your account and sell unlimited products at Click2Sell.

And ClickBank charges an initial fee of $49.95 to the vendor to sell products. They only allows you to sell 500 products per account and additional accounts cost $29.95 each.

6) Custom Commission Rates And Flat Fees

The commission rates are very flexible that merchants can pay up to 95% commission to affiliates on Click2Sell. However, Clickbank affiliates can only earn up to 75% commission.

And the flat fee is one of the major perks to sell your products with Click2Sell: there is no commissions’ percentage taken.

Click2Sell has simple fee rate, charging $1, $2, or $3 depending on the scale of transaction.Only merchants are charged this fee; affiliates never have to pay a cent since they are paid by the merchant.

As for ClickBank, they charge 1 USD + 7.5% for each transaction. So if you are selling a $200 product you will be charged $16 for each sale.

And here comes the offer from Click2Sell:

You can earn commissions by referring affiliates and vendors to Click2Sell. You can earn 30% of every transaction fee paid to Click2Sell once a sale is made by the merchant or affiliate you referred – as long as they stay active!

And for merchants, the first month is without absolutely any fees.

While the Click2Sell marketplace still is very small at the time of writing this, it may have a good chance to compete with Clickbank in the future. So I guess you still need to keep on eye on it.

Sign up your free Click2Sell account today

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How to Get Accepted by CPA Affiliate Networks & The eBay Affiliate Network Truth

1. How to get accepted by CPA affiliate networks

Thanks for all your great feedback on the make money giving away freebies post I made.

However, some people have trouble when they try to join the CPA networks but without a high traffic website.

A blog reader told me that most of my listed CPA companies require the website should have at least 1000 visitors per month, in one of them they even need 10,000!

So how can you get your applications accepted?

Most CPA networks have comments section in the application. You just explain in the comments block that you are going to use Pay-per-click and purchase some banners or text links to send traffic with direct linking.

You can even try calling in them to get your application manually reviewed.

This should get you into the most CPA networks.

2. The eBay affiliate program truth

A subscriber asked for my opinion of the Build A Niche Store script(not an affiliate link), which create content sites through the eBay affiliate programs.

I haven’t personally tried BANS but I don’t suggest anybody to buy it, because the eBay affiliate program is not as profitable as some other ones like Clickbank, even Adsense. Since eBay is only sharing a small part of their bid revenue, about 4% of the closing value of a winning bid, which is not generous compare to 75% of Clickbank sale and 78% of Adsense revenue share.

In fact, personally I’ve never had a good experience with the eBay’s affiliate program. If you really want to use BANS, you need to get approved by eBay Partner Network firstly. But the weird thing is I never get approved!

When they was handling their affiliate program with CJ (which turned out to be a big fail) and my affiliate application got declined automatically.

And on April 2008 they finally dropped CJ and built their affiliate program in house. I tried to join their eBay Partner Network but no response from them since I submitted my application.

And even worse, they banned hundreds of affiliates this month for reason that the traffic they were sending to eBay was “significantly less engaged”.

And here’s even a Squidoo len by a sacked eBay affiliate:

So for most for you, what you need is to follow a proven working system, not something that could make you money right now. (Remember the biggest money-making obstacle?)

Here are some proven working marketing systems by Marlon Sanders if you’re lack of one:

Promo Dashboard (Promo in 3 simple steps with list building)

Marketing Dashboard (Setting up your own online business like the experts)

Design Dashboard (Create amazing web pages that sell products like crazy)

Affiliate Dashboard (Launch your own affiliate program & getting streams of active affiliates)

Each of Marlon’s “Dashboard” products is a easy to follow system. I do love the 6 row of lovely icons, each icon is a single step for you to take. Easy and fun. I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Always remember you don’t need to chase the latest money-making opportunities all the time. What you need is just a system, a proven working system.

And always let me know what you think by leaving your comment below.

To your amazing success!


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5 Surefire Tips to Boost Your Residual Income Affiliate Program Earnings

If you followed my previous post, you will already get my concept that it’s crucial to have income sources that give you passive income over and over again.

And if you missed it, here’s the article again:

As I mentioned, a majority of your efforts in Internet Marketing should be targeted at generating a recurring or residual income.

And here are my 5 surefire tips to help you squeeze the most of your recurring affiliate programs.

1) Promote high value, qualified products

The first rule does not only affect recurring commission products, but also applies to any affiliate products you’re promoting.

Remember, it is the benefits your referred customers receive to warrant them to continue investing in their recurring products.

2) Squeeze more money with closed-door affiliate programs.

Closed-door affiliate programs are those that require you to buy their products to be their affiliates. You are not going to be charged an arm and a leg to join; but you do need to find the good ones to join.

Here’s something you may not know about closed-door affiliate programs. They are generally to convert better!

Because you get lower chances of “getting crashed”- Ouch, another dude’s promoting exact the same product to your prospects!

There’s also less chance for Internet pickpockets to steal your affiliate commissions by simply replacing your affiliate links with theirs, because only customers get permissions to promote the products.

“But you’re kidding me! It cost me money to join an affiliate program?!”

Well, many public affiliate programs pay you less money (for example, they may not pay you on backend sales) or not convert as well as the closed-door ones, so this all balances out.

In life it’s hard to break the “sowing / reaping” principle, the “you get what you pay for” rule.

3) Pick out services that existing customers unlikely to stop recurring subscriptions

Impossible? Okay, I’ll show you some. Most products of this kind are technical related services.

As you know, I promoted a site called 3waylinks in my previous newsletter. It is a service that can help your sites rank well in Google. Each of the sites gets 250 “one-way” backlinks, which will have a great impact on search engine rankings, especially for Google.

So what if the member stops his recurring payment? The “one-way” backlinks will get disappeared immediately the day his account expires.

Another good example is Viral Link Tracker, a nice tool that can cloak affiliate links, track signups & sales conversions.

Think about it. When people got all their cloaked affiliate links spread on the Internet, do you consider they will ever think of canceling the service and make all their links invalid?

4) Bonus bribery strategy

This strategy is so simple but works. Offer your prospects some bonuses if they sign up under you rather than others!

How many resale rights products do you have in your hard disk? I guess a dozen of, right? Pick out the ones that related to the recurring products you’re promoting.

Ask your referrals to provide you their payment receipts and give them your resale products bonuses to download.

5) Help your referrals to benefit more!

After some time of hard promotion, you probably get quite a few referred recurring customers. And as you may noticed, many of these recurring affiliate programs allow you to contact with your referrals. Make use of this powerful feature! Introduce yourself to them, share your tips, make friends with them and get them stay longer for their subscriptions.

It’s not as hard as you think – show your personal experience with that recurring product, how you take advantage of it, how you benefit from it. Your referral will be truly thankful to you for helping them and more loyal.

Here I list the exact recurring commission products that I make money with:


Private label club (this one converts like crazy!)

IMBuzz Software

Viral Link Tracker

Free Traffic Bar (get very high qualified traffic from this program)

LeadsLeap (my pro ad gets more than 400 clicks every month)

I’m always pleased to hear what you think of residual income affiliate marketing here. Just comment and share your thoughts below.

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