Bum Marketing Way to Get Targeted Traffic for Free

5967365thm.gifDo you know there are two types of traffic? They are targeted traffic and non-targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic from people who are interested in your product or service and would be more likely to spend money on what you offer.

And non-targeted traffic consists of the people who are not interested in buying what you have . They will not part with their cash for what you are selling.

Obviously, it’s the targeted traffic that we’re interested in. It’s no need to try to convince the non-targeted group into buying from you. You’ll be wasting your time and effort.

Here’s a recent comment from Gina telling her problem with getting traffic to her site:

Im having a problem with getting traffic to my website and tour takers. Im afraid to blow my money on guaranteed tour takers and sign up, for i have heard some horror stories on those. Do you have any sure way to get me traffic in you own personal opinion? (Paid and Non Paid Ways) Adwords is killing my budget $250 in less than 3weeks. thanks. gina

So first let’s click here to see Josh’s terrible story about the “Guaranteed Traffic 5,000 hits” he bought. You will know how the “guaranteed traffic companies” offer you those useless hits and why you should never purchase them.

You may also hear that most free traffic sources will give you untargeted visitors, but here I will give a surefire way to get targeted traffic for Free!

It’s a “fool proof” way to get targeted traffic & passive money. And, yes, the work is also dull and boring. But it WORKS!

So how it works?

1.Do a keyword research, find keywords that are relevant for website. These keywords must have low competition that are frequently searched but do not have too many resources on the net.

2.Write your article around those keywords. Make sure your article title is unique that nobody uses your title.

One important thing with the article is keyword density. Keyword density refers to the number of times a particular word or keyphrase appears on a web page. A keyword density of between 3-6% is very nice.

3.Create a resource box at the end of each of your articles and put link(s) point your site. Put relevant keywords of your site in the text link(s) .

4.Submit your article to article directories. Only submit your articles to those article sites that with high traffic and Google pr. Here is a list of top 25 article sites:


5.Repeat this process to make it work – YOU SHOULD WRITE AT LEAST ONE EZINE ARTICLE EVERY WEEK.

I suggest you write 3 new articles per day.

Once you have submitted your article, you can expect to show up on the first page of the results in Google or MSN within a week, and then generally stay there for between 3 weeks and 2 months.

Why this Bum Marketing Method works?

1. You get lots of high quality backlinks from article websites. As you get a lot of one-way links pointed at your site containing your keywords, you will probably rank well for most search engines if you done well.

2.Your author resource box at the end of the body of each of your articles acts as an advertisement when millions of people who are reading your articles.

People who read your articles and click on your link(s) found in your resource box at the end of each of your articles are highly-qualified prospects that interested in your articles so that they will be also interested in your sites.

3.Article directories allow publishers reprint articles to their newsletters or websites.

So you can expect to receive free ads in targeted traffic when publishers pick up your articles and put them on ezines or blogs.

4.You boosts your personal and business credibility when you get your articles published.

You become known as the expert by your article and this endears potential customers to you before they even visit your website. There is no better way to “pre-sell” your prospects than article marketing.


You see that you don’t need any captal to set it up – unlike some of other paid ways.

But remind yourself to be consistent. Most people try something for a brief period of time, and when they don’t see results immediately, they often discard it. You may be the exception. If you are, you will see dramatic results.

It is a time-consuming method, you won’t see results overnight. But it provides results for long term – you will be rewarded with free, targeted traffic for years.

Some extra work to do if you have more time:

1.Put up a free blog at Blogger.com or Squidoo and write a related product review and link your article at ezinearticles.com or other article sites.

2.Write a free ads on UsFreeAds link to your websites or Goarticles.com where you do a related “product review”.

Some of the products I recommend

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