Are You Losing 50% of Your Money from Your Customers?

bonus4.gifAt the very beginning I want to tell you a terrible mistake I’ve been made. I think I just lost 50%-80% of the profits by it. I would normally keep the mistake as a secret but I recognize that almost 9 out of every 10 of my readers are making this mistake so I’d like to share my experience with you.

I once used Jon’s $7 dollar script to manage sales of a MRR product I bought. One of the most powerful features of this script is that can automatically redirect your customers to a one-time-offer. But I just ignored it and didn’t think I could make money with the silly OTO.

I tried Adwords, banner advertising – any advertising methods that could get me new customers. And I did made commissions – I am not complaining about those tactics.

But one day something told me that I was totally wrong about what I was doing. I accidentally set up a one-time-offer. Just a *little* change I did. And the results. You guess?

Actually shocked me. Commissions increased 50% literally “Overnight”! About 1 out of 5 my customers took the one-time-offer!

I realized that one of my biggest gold mine I neglected is my existing customers!

So in a word, I should use backend selling to sell my existing customers again and again and again!

The reasons can be listed as follows:

1.They are ready to pay.

They just bought from you and now they have an “open-to-buy” frame of mind! You can easily ask them to buy more from you with your OTOs.

2.They do have money to pay.

They already bought something from you so they are not some kind of freebie seekers!

3. They are familiar with you and your business, so they’ll more likely to return.

If you provide them with quality products and make them trust you with their money for the first time, they will buy from you again and again!

Conclusion: Repeat customers = repeat sales!

My friend Patric Chan just released his Backend Mastery coaching program with David Bullock. It’s one of the best courses I have ever seen about backend selling.

He revealed some of the advanced strategies on backend selling like how to make a powerful “Thank-you” page to increase your sales by 40%, how to create urgency and get your customers to reach for their credit cards immediately…. There are too many tactics you will get that I can’t list them all here. Because it’s a 196MB package of audio series files, training videos and software!

You can see details here:

Attention:Don’t buy it!

Because he just leaves a backdoor!

You only need to pay tenth of the actual price instead of the expensive 97 bucks!

I don’t know when he will take this backdoor down so grab it when it is available if you really want to earn 50% more profit from your existing customers:

P.S Remind to hit “Return to Merchant” after you’ve submitted your payment to PayPal so that you can get your downloads directly. I receive emails from people telling me they didn’t get their downloads and this is probably the step they forgot to do.

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