Affiliate Marketing: How to Survive In the Long Run

As a veteran online marketer, I know affiliate marketers who start off quite successfully, making 1000s of bucks by promoting affiliate products.

But within another couple of months, their incomes are back down to break even, and they find it tough to maintain their earlier success.

And on the other hand, the smart guys know that long term survival in affiliate marketing comes by promoting products that pay recurring. They promote the product one time, but the income from the promotion is recurring that they can grow their commissions month on month.

Especially as an affiliate marketer, this can be critical to your survival.

Just take a few minutes to look at your affiliate marketing income sources and then evaluate how many are recurring and how many are one-time. The key here is you may want to “balance your portfolio” to have your income coming in even if for some reason you are not able to work.

Now let me explain this it with some numbers.

Let’s say Johnny promotes a regular affiliate product that pays him $50 per sale. He makes 10 sales that month and earns him $500. And so he makes another $500 in the second month, third month.

After a year, Johnny makes $6000 in commissions. But the problem is, when he stops hard-promoting it, his monthly income declines. He has to work harder and harder every month to maintain his $500 monthly income.

And let’s see what happens that another marketer called David promotes another affiliate product that only pays $25, but monthly (it’s a recurring billing product).

David takes exactly the same effort as Johnny and also makes 10 sales in the first month, that’s $250, and so it is in the month 2.

Things get interesting from the 3rd month. David increases his monthly earnings to $750 that month without making any more efforts.

And month 4, month 5… at end of the year, David will be making a whopping $19500 in commissions, compares Johnny’s $6000 that just promote a regular affiliate product.

The better part is… after the year ends, even if David decide to take a break, the income never stops even after he has stopped working.

So, which is the way you want?

You want to continue doing what it is to earn your $500 a month like Johnny, or the David’s way that continues to make you $3000 every month without having to raise a finger?

Affiliate Marketing gives you the opportunity to work smart, to secure your financial future.

Think smart, and think long term. I love to hear what you think as always so feel free to leave your comments 🙂

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