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My Google Adsense Account Disabled

2 weeks ago, I was taking a rest in the billiards room. I checked my email on the phone as usual,  and suddenly, I found a shocking email from Google that my Google Adsense account has been disabled!

Holy SHIIIIIIIIT! All my $2700 dollars in the account are gone.

Here is how the email looks like:

I’ve joined Google Adsense publisher program since 2006 and never got a problem with it for 5 years until now.

My problem was neither invalid clicks nor encouraging clicks like most Adsense publishers are facing.

I can’t believe that Google disabled my Adsense account because I didn’t  follow the Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines!

They banned me simply because I didn’t provide “original content” and “good navigation” on my sites, as they stated in the email. And they even didn’t give me the exact sites or pages that violated their policies. The truth is, I pay qualified writers to research and compose original content for my sites, and I use premium templates to build my sites.

One of my friends implied that “a $3000/mo Adsense income is too much for individual Adsense publishers”, especially for China-based publishers.

I also heard that if your account is disabled because of violation of their Webmaster Guidelines, it could be some Google Adsense employees looking for a kickback to boost their part time income.

While click fraud can be detected by measuring the conversions, for compliance with their “Webmaster Guidelines”, it is entirely at the discretion of the Google employee.  If anyone wants to get your Google Adsense account disabled, they only have to complain about a website repeatedly and  if they receive the same complaint a number of times, the account is disabled by the Adsense algorithm, even though there is no problem with the website.

Here is what you should do if your Adsense account is also disabled by Google:

1. Submit Appeal Form to Adsense Team

As far as I know that very few lucky people reinstated their Adsense account by appealing to Google, however, this is still the very first step to do when your account is disabled.

Don’t be panic, write your appeal in polite and professional way. Dig as much information as you can to prove that you are innocent and willing to make changes to your sites.

Depending on which situation you are in…

If your account has been disabled due to Invalid Activity, fill and submit the invalid clicks appeal form.

And if your account is blocked because of Policy Violation reasons, you can submit this policy violation  appeal form.

Although Google claims that a second appeal is useless, it did work for some people.  So give the appeal process at least 3 solid tries before giving up.

2. Open another Adsense account under a business entity.

You can set up a business entity and sign up a new Adsense account.

That’s what I’m gonna do in Hong Kong this year. You will need to open a business account in the local bank. And a substantial minimum deposit may be necessary depending on your bank.

In my opinion,  using an Adsense business publisher account is much safer than individual account.

3. Try Some Google Adsense Alternatives

When you tried all these and still couldn’t get an active Adsense account, you can try some Adsense alternatives. Some of the popular and genuine alternatives are:

Text-link-ads: Sell links on your site. I think it’s hard to get your sites approved if they are not PR4+.

Infolinks: A new in-text advertising network. Similar to Kontera but a lot easier to get approved. And it also has better payout than Kontera.

Maxbounty: My favorite CPA network.

Ourfreestuff: This one has a lot of CPA offers for international traffic. They also have a function for you to generate Adsense-style text ads.

CBTagClouds: Create tag-style Clickbank ads. I’m testing it out on some of my sites.

Chitika: The new hot Adsense alternative. (Thanks Blake and David 🙂

What I learn from this lost is that you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

You should build your business on various income sources and business models. You can’t depend only on Adsense to make money online.

What’s your experience with Google Adsense? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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41 responses to “My Google Adsense Account Disabled”

  1. Google can be contrary and unpredictable, but you can get through to a real person if you’re persistent. Glad it worked out for you.

  2. […] may even got your Adsense account shut down by Google, without knowing what you were doing […]

  3. Blake says:

    Join the hundreds of thousands of Googlite Rejectiods. Myself and other partners have lost thousands and filled out form after form, blogged on the user forums, contacted Google by all means necessary and had new accounts closed as well after following their procedures ‘to the letter’ without any proof showing the violation whatsoever. Google Adsense and Google are heading for a major lawsuit and we, for just a few, will be on that bad-wagon joyfully. Until then, yes, diversify! One other alternative not mentioned was Chitika. http://chitika.com/ This has been our best alternative as of today.

  4. Cory says:

    Google closed my adsense corporate account last year for supposed click fraud. I filed several appeals, but was still denied. I opened a personal account, as setting up another business entity was not worth it, just for adsense. So far the personal account hasn’t been closed, but it won’t surprise me if Google closes it also. Google really thinks they are God. Why can’t they just remove the credit for the supposed invalid clicks? Instead they take all of the money, and close the account. If you are receiving checks for payment rather than electronic deposit, beware. They will cancel any checks they have sent you, that haven’t been cashed already.

  5. thanks for the warning Henry, it has been my worry for some time that I had too many eggs in one basket, so i set about spreading my activities and risk. thankfully the IM skills learned on one place can be easily translated to others. So Amazon is a good alternative and a raft of other affliate programs. All the best

  6. roezer says:

    I seem to get more from Infolinks than Chitika Adsense is very unpredictable there are days I get 10 times more clicks and earn less.

  7. roezer says:

    The Problem with Amazon is that If I visit your site and buy something I will be Redirected to Amazon.co.uk because I am in Ireland ,and you will not earn a commission because you were promoting a product from amazon.com. But there is a wordpress plugin that will redirect visitors to their local amazon I am not sure if it works. You will need to have other Amazon id’s and payments are not combined so you will have to reach minimum payout from each amazon id. I think that would be a little difficult unless your site is geotargeted.

  8. Sorry to hear you lost your account like that and good luck with getting it back. There’s a good less for all of us in that story.

    Good to meet you here roezer, I’m also from Ireland.

  9. duitmasyuk85 says:

    thanks for the warning Henry, it has been my worry for some time that I had too many eggs in one basket, so i set about spreading my activities and risk.

  10. Toby says:

    Really interesting I had a similar problem about 18 months ago. I ended up just giving up, dealing with them was painful both in terms of time and getting any clear idea what i’d done wrong – know how you feel

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  12. len says:

    Nice post and very informative Henry. I have to say having had a adsense account for over 3 years personally i have not come across anything like this but i know it can happen. I found maxbounty very good like you posted about and they are very fair with you.
    Employment Recruitment Services

  13. Ettienne says:

    I had the same problem a few months ago, I have done nothing wrong on my site yet it was closed down and I had to re-apply. Not cool at all.

  14. I have used adsense for about 6 years now, I have it on a forum/blog site that gets many hits and clicks. I have always been fearing a email like you got, although there is no reason I should get one, I dont cheat the system in anyway and I do have unique content on the site. It would just be such a shame to lose an adsense account. I have not used any alternatives yet.

  15. Stephanie says:

    That completely sucks about adsense. I hope you get it back.

  16. You got the right lesson out of this.

    And it crosses to all crucial elements of any business. 1 is horrible number. 1 employee you completely depend on, 1 stream of traffic, 1 salesperson, 1 computer, anything that can cut you down at the knees should have a plan a, b, and, c built into it.

    I know it sucks but responsibility equals control and control equals responsibility. When you live your life by this premise you look for ways to stay smarter than the average bear.

    Wish you the best with your hi-jacking Henry!

  17. Alec Difrawi says:

    It always hurts when revenue such as affiliate marketing is taken away from you. My best advice is find another affiliate and use them in the mean time. Google makes it very hard to get adsense back.

  18. Gotta love Google. The best thing that ever happened to my business is when I got banned from Google adwords.

  19. Steve says:

    I too got an email alerting me that my account was disabled due to “your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity.”
    Maybe its just me, but doesnt EVERY adSense account have a risk of generating invalid activity?
    The one shining ray in all this is finding your post and being able to look at alternatives.

  20. Gimo says:

    This is I would say very Google -ish thay may not seen anything from 2006 but one day in…2011 they banned you. Hope you get it back

  21. Miroslav says:

    Google are totally unpredictable and for that they will fail! Soon or later they will do a wrong move…

    Miroslav from http://www.internetgurublog.com/

  22. I know a lot of examples when online entrepreneurs have their Google AdSense banned. I would like to thank the author of this article for providing readers with so many helpful instructions.

  23. kristin says:

    This just happened to me, they didn’t even send me an e-mail. I’m so upset right now and searching for what to do.I have never done anything that would be a scam. Something doesn’t seem right. Thanks for this post.

  24. marcus says:

    It is very hard to interpet when google will do their updates or when they will decide whats exceptable and whats not.

  25. Google is all powerful and if they decide that they don’t like what you are doing they have the final say as to what happens. Unlike in a democracy you cannot appeal to a higher authority. So if Google decides to ban you they close off one source of revenue for you and create the feeling among many others that they are not keeping to their policy of doing no evil. You just have to look at the number of lawsuits that Google are facing to see just how out of touch they are with the common man. Sorry to hear about your experience and congratulations on a great website!

  26. wanluqman says:

    It was a surprise when google approved adsense a/c while my blog bit ugly + messy. So I was buzy putting their magic codes when another surprise email on 21 April 11. I am putting an appeal .. looking for tips/guides, yet to stumble a success story .. Thanks Henry I can sense this word is w/o ad 4me

  27. Quite often I hear, “Google disabled my Adsense account for no reason”.

    The worst of everything, Google treats such people like scum even if they were not!

    My sympathies are with those who have lost their Adsense accounts.

    Best of luck…

  28. Yeah I think all they’re automation is starting to work against them, and really starting to alienate people.

    They are leaving very important decisions to they’re bots to decide, I reckon that’s wrong.

    Flexibility is the mother of invention, they should exercise it more in adsense and adwords.

  29. AdSense for Local SEO…

    Optimizing your website for local AdSense ads can actually profitable. If you are targeting your audience can take a local control panel of your ads. AdSense Another simple tip I can give you is to your target location in both the title tags and anchor…

  30. Erzsebet says:

    Yes, unfortunately I too have experienced this.

  31. I’ve heard a lot about Chitika. A friend of mine told me its great. the problem with adsense and adwords is the fact that they are leaving significant decisions to be determined by the bots. They ought to be flexible as their algorithm is ever changing.

  32. Saggy says:

    Yes, I am also having same experience and i never gonna suggest anyone to use Google AdSense.

  33. Laura says:

    Wow that sucks bad! I only ever used Google Adsense for a month or so but I never really liked the ads that they displayed so I switched to Amazon which I’ve been doing pretty well with. I don’t trust Google and not sure I would ever go back to them.

  34. Hello friends,
    Google absence is also very important part of seo. It is not necessary for your website but if you want Google absence so consult the expert first thank you.

  35. Hello all check here and asked to enable your adsense account as google adsense team recently enable one site’s adsense serving acme.com


    check here what the acme.com site owner said http://acme.com/updates/archive/173.html
    also check the comments

    ask google why we are always ignored by them for enabling the adsense service again into our sites.

  36. sueadsense withme says:

    I am going to sue them. do you know how to get a hold t of their legal team?

  37. Ana says:

    I dont know what to do. I earned almost $900. They just emailed me my account is disabled.

  38. Suraj says:

    How should be appeal form for banning due to webmaster guidelines?

  39. Robobgiz says:

    Well, mine is also a similar story. I have been using google and one evening got an email saying your account has been disabled. at the time I had $9,954.14 in the account. No recourse or anything.

    Apparently, too many publishers have suffered the same and its unfortunate. Has anyone tried to sue?

    Also DM this lawyer https://twitter.com/#!/TolisDimopoulos for advice on how to go about this

  40. SB says:

    Google is an unethical POS company.

    They just got me for 2000 bucks in my account. No explanation, no recourse, just took my money and shut me down.

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