6 Reasons Why You Should Join Click2Sell.EU

Few days ago I have come across a new online marketing network called Click2Sell.EU.

While chatting with Click2Sell’s general manager and part owner Egidijus Andreika, I learned that Click2Sell is an all-in-one system for merchants to sell products online, run affiliate programs and recruit affiliates.

It’s also an affiliate programs network for affiliates to select and promote products from Click2Sell Marketplace and earn affiliate commissions.

And I list 6 good reasons why both merchants and affiliate marketers should also consider joining the Click2Sell network.

1) Click2Sell Allows Both Digital And Physical Products.

While ClickBank lists only digital products, Click2Sell allows vendors to sell digital products, physical products and subscription-based products such as membership sites.

You can view the details of each product in the marketplace, such as conversion rate, refund rate, affiliate sales percent, popularity and ranking history and many other info.

2) Advanced Affiliate Referral Tracking Protect System

Your affiliate commissions won’t be stolen, because the unique visitor tracking system protects you from unsavory merchants and other unfair affiliates.

For example, if you refer a first-time visitor to the merchant’s site, you will always be credited to the sale, no matter how others are also promoting the same merchant to the same prospect.

3) Advanced Tracking System For Sales Achievement

In my opinion, this is the one of the best parts of Click2Sell. The real-time reporting area of the control panel is very detailed. In fact, it is so powerful and specific-to-detail that it is split into 7 sub-pages:

General, Daily Report, Conversion Report, Referral Report, Refunds, Transactions, and Keywords.By analyzing the statistics you will be able to find out:

a) How many visitors and views (not to mention sales) your sales pages get.

b) What exact keywords are used in search engines by your sales pages visitors.

c) What websites are bringing the most targeted visitors. For example, 1000 visitors that were referred from website A bought your product 5 times while 1000 visitors from website B bought the same product 30 times. So you will know that advertising on website B is much more beneficial.

d) Absolutely the same is with advertising and PPC campaigns. By conversion statistics you will know which advertising method or PPC keyword is more profitable than others.

e) The number of affiliates that promote your products

f) How your referred users are doing and how much commission you get from them. You can create different tracking channels to test various advertising options somewhere else. You will not need to install complicated tracking scripts any more in order to track sales conversions.

4) 5 Payments Options Available For Vendors To Accept Direct Payments To Their Merchant Accounts Instantly.

Since Click2Sell deals with 3rd-party payment processors, payment is sent to merchants’ or business account immediately. There is no more waiting for weeks or months as you would with other sites.
Click2Sell coordinates sales via five 3rd-party payment processors including PayPal, Moneybookers, WorldPay, Authorize.net, and Google Checkout for merchants to run their affiliate program.

The “Mass Payment” feature for merchants with a few clicks to pay all affiliates at once. This feature is developed in much more convenient way than in some other systems where you need to generate txt files of affiliate payments, then upload it to PayPal and only then you could pay them. In Click2Sell system, everything is done in the member area.

5) No Setup Cost to Sell Unlimited Products

It’s free to setup your account and sell unlimited products at Click2Sell.

And ClickBank charges an initial fee of $49.95 to the vendor to sell products. They only allows you to sell 500 products per account and additional accounts cost $29.95 each.

6) Custom Commission Rates And Flat Fees

The commission rates are very flexible that merchants can pay up to 95% commission to affiliates on Click2Sell. However, Clickbank affiliates can only earn up to 75% commission.

And the flat fee is one of the major perks to sell your products with Click2Sell: there is no commissions’ percentage taken.

Click2Sell has simple fee rate, charging $1, $2, or $3 depending on the scale of transaction.Only merchants are charged this fee; affiliates never have to pay a cent since they are paid by the merchant.

As for ClickBank, they charge 1 USD + 7.5% for each transaction. So if you are selling a $200 product you will be charged $16 for each sale.

And here comes the offer from Click2Sell:

You can earn commissions by referring affiliates and vendors to Click2Sell. You can earn 30% of every transaction fee paid to Click2Sell once a sale is made by the merchant or affiliate you referred – as long as they stay active!

And for merchants, the first month is without absolutely any fees.

While the Click2Sell marketplace still is very small at the time of writing this, it may have a good chance to compete with Clickbank in the future. So I guess you still need to keep on eye on it.

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16 responses to “6 Reasons Why You Should Join Click2Sell.EU”

  1. Ben Waugh says:

    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  2. Phil Eugene says:

    Hey Henry

    Interesting site – I signed up one of my products right away just to give it a whirl. The fact is that there are no fees to get started is a bonus. We’ll see how they do.

    Thanks for the link..

    Best Regards

    Phil Eugene

  3. Luanne says:

    Looks like a promising site. I signed up as an affiliate for now. Thank you for the info.

  4. Wayne Bardell says:

    Just a couple of questions. Do they provide an xml file of the marketplace like Clickbank does? And can we promote all products without signing up for each one individually?

  5. Vytis says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Yes, Click2Sell.EU provides an XML feed. It can be downloaded here: http://www.click2sell.eu/marketplace/marketplace.xml.zip

    It’s a ziped xml marketplace version. You don’t have to signup for each product to promote. The feed provides you with standard http://xxxxxx.product-id.click2sell.eu affiliate links, where you only have to replace xxxxxx with your own login to Click2Sell.EU and you will be ready to go.

  6. Wayne says:

    The xml file isn’t working for me. When I download with
    IE, it says file is corrupt. When I download with
    Firefox I get a blank file.

  7. Wayne says:


    It’s working for me now also, so maybe they were
    updating it last time I tried it. I’ll take a look
    at this a little more this weekend and may sign up.
    I like the descriptions provided with the products,
    they describe the product and are not just aimed at
    affiliates like in the Clickbank marketplace.


  8. Wayne says:

    The reason I like the descriptions better, is because I have thought of using relevant ads on article pages with Clickbank similar to how Adsense works, but the descriptions provided by Clickbank are worthless. I often wish Clickbank would provide another feed which gave meaningful descriptions of the products. This may now be doable with Click2Sell.

  9. Wayne says:

    I did sign up with Click2Sell back on November 22, but so far I have to say that I have not been impressed. I’ve been updating their datafeed on my site every day, and it seems odd that the product count is always in the even 100’s. First it was 700, then it went up to 900, then it went back to 600, now the product count is currently 400 in their datafeed. On my site here (wayneswebb.com) you can search their products by product rank, by merchant rank, by commission rate, by earnings per sale, by refund rate, by conversion rate, by newest products, and by popularity. By refund rate, I only include sales that have had affiliate sales (currently 155 products), and 26 of these products have a refund rate of 20% or higher. I don’t know if I will keep promoting this for very long. Of the 400 products currently in their datafeed, there are 144 distinct merchants, meaning that some merchants have several products.

    • Henry Zeng says:

      Hi Wayne,

      We all know that there’s no guarantee for success to promote any affiliate program.

      But at least you tried, even though you didn’t get the results you wanted.

      I’m sure that you can find many more better ways to market your sites.

      To your success,


  10. Wayne says:

    Actually, I haven’t done any promoting of this site, just put it up and am relying on search engine traffic, so I haven’t really expected much for results yet. I guess I wasn’t expecting the results I am seeing from their datafeed updates. But I have had an affiliate sign up through my link already, so I will leave the site up for a while yet and see what happens. Maybe they will grow to be much bigger and now may be the perfect time to be promoting them.

  11. Nico Kasli says:

    Click2sell is great.
    I use it too, the tools are user friendly.

    Nico Kasli

  12. Tom says:

    Click2Sell is awesome! I have been making a killing selling the forex robot called Original Turtle Trader through them. I made over 1000 bucks just last week!

    The reason is because there aren’t a ton of other people on click2sell like there are on clickbank, so you have a much better chance selling things. This may not last forever as more people join, but now is the time to get the benefits!

  13. Peter says:

    just joined click2sell. Still exploring the network. Are there any tools to show which product is hot or which product has the highest gravity?

  14. Doug says:

    Terrible experience with click2sell. All you get is auto responses. No phone number anywhere, they don’t respond back, when you ask for help they don’t respond. When they finally do respond after days of waiting their response was unprofessional and failed to assist only caused more problems. Sorry can’t recommend their service

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