How I Made $10k With A Dirt Cheap Script

secret_scriptIn this post, I will show you how I setup 5-figure per year autopilot income streams with a *dirt cheap* web script, and exact how you can copy me.

I make 5 figures selling lots of digital products (mostly resale rights products) online every year. That’s probably not big money in many gurus’ eyes, but it’s certainly easy money consider that when you set the system up, you never need to touch it.

Now get this: the 5-figure is just the money I earned from direct sales. Actually, the commission I make by promoting other people’s products in the backend is far more lucrative.

It’s much easier to build a profitable list when you sell info products online. Your affiliates can drive massive free traffic and even more affiliates for you, and it’s going viral.

Then you can make even more money by promoting affiliate products to the list.

Let me explain what I mean.

To succeed in the info product selling business, you need to establish your marketing funnels and automate the whole sales process, like:

1. Process Paypal Payments

2. Automated Product Delivery

3. Deliver One-time offers

4. Salespage Conversions Tracking

5. Affiliates Recruiting

I owe a large part of the success to a little but powerful script which cost me only $7, which does all of the work above. Yeah that’s right, ALL OF THE WORK!

The $7 script is using a direct pay system which allows the customers to pay your affiliate directly and it works primarily with Paypal. For instance, a 50% direct-pay plan would alternate Paypal payments: one sale to you, then one to the affiliate, then one to you and one to the affiliate again.

The advantage is that you never have any of the affiliates’ money in your hands, so you are not responsible to have to pay him or her later.

The disadvantage is it may get confusing for the customers since they may buy from you but pay to someone else. It’s also difficult to track the refunds.

So you need to mention it in your affiliate agreement that all the affiliates are required to honor the 100% refund policy.

The most profit way to utilize the power of $7 script is to create some low-cost products and offer 100% of the selling price as affiliate commissions.

Heck, you are not giving out 100% of your profits. You can still get paid on a possible one-time offer!

It is absolutely true that you are leaving money on the table if you aren’t using one-time offers to upsell. You can either find a way to offer an additional product, or resale rights to your product on the same sales page.

And this powerful (and dirt cheap, compared to other options) $7 script makes OTO’s and upsells a piece of cake. You simply add an offer that can only one time after the original purchase. This will increase the incentive for people to buy it.

And more important, you will build a profitable list of buyers – your most valuable asset! The big money is in your list of buyers, not freebie-seeking subscribers.

You invite affiliates to promote your products, and capture the buyers’ information (email and name) just before receiving their product that they bought.

To make this list grow faster, you price the products for something like $7 (under $10 in general), which will increase the number of sales thus the number of buyers to your list.

In 2008, I attempted to switch to a similar but much advanced script, which cost me $67 (sells for $197 at the time of writing). However I stopped using it because it’s TOO complex for me.

Remember, simplicity is always a good thing.

You need to focus your time on producing products and marketing the web sites, not trying to make technology work. The simpler the technology, the more focused you will be.

And here’s how to get this killer script for $7.

1) Visit this page:
2) Order the $7 secrets report for $7.
3) You get the secret script along with the report

No catch, no hidden recurring charges.

The report is all about how to create small reports on the fly and sell them for a bunch of $7 sales with the script. Amazing content I’d say.

There will be also a download link at page 27 of the report, just in case the script is not included in your zip file.

Listen my friend, I’m not motivated by money for writing this post.

If I am, I would sell you the “latest and greatest” product launches upfront to your face, rather than┬á recommend a $7 report.

I just believe that I’ve found this GOLD MINE of profitable resources which I knew that my readers will benefit from it.

For merely $7, ANYONE can afford it and start creating their own viral info product selling websites which simultaneously build profitable buyer lists.

Grab the report and the script for $7 here IMMEDIATELY:

Buy it. Use the methods in it. If you don’t feel it’s worth AT LEAST 100 times what you paid for it in terms of increased profits, just tell me and I’ll let you get it all back.

To your amazing success!

Henry Zeng

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17 responses to “How I Made $10k With A Dirt Cheap Script”

  1. Hi Henry.

    Very nice info and I will buy it.


  2. Sally Neill says:

    Hi Henry, I have used the $7 script in the past and found it really simple and easy to use, great post, Sally ­čÖé

  3. in my experience making profit form info products online comes down to having good content and the right list. tahnsk yuo for your ideas however

  4. A nice resource to use for online marketing no doubt. I like the fact the there are no recurring charges for the package.

  5. Jurica Sinko says:

    Hi Hentry ,
    Thx for you info.
    its really help me

  6. Jurica says:

    Hi Henry

    Very nice infos i will buy it!


  7. Great post, so go to you actually drive traffic to the 7dollars offer?

  8. Eugene says:

    I can definitely see the value of selling $7 reports to build lists. How does this program help though? Where does the traffic come from? That is the most important thing. You need people to sell the $7 reports to in the first place.

    Anyone try this out?

  9. yournetbiz says:

    the problem with selling info products cheaply is that a lot of people associate a low cost product with low value and content.

    unless you have a good following who know you well and know your content, then it can be difficult to convince people that you’re actually selling great content at a low price.

  10. adrian says:

    Hi I’m trying to understand this whole business of affiliate marketing. And to be honest I really don’t know where to start. I do have a blog but its just posting articles. I read your $7 script but I still don’t understand what it does. can you help me on how to set up an affiliate business.

    thanks a lot

  11. Toby says:

    Great post and I’ll be off to get the $7 script very soon.I’ll give it a go many thanks
    Be useful to hear what other users have found from it as well

  12. mick leach says:

    The link does not work, showing sourceguardian error.

  13. Gimo says:

    Very nice but where the traffic is coming from?

  14. paginas web says:

    I read through this article and found it to be very interesting. I think this can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Internet marketing is a very good business to get into these days! Thanks so much for sharing this article!!

  15. Amazing Post!!!!!!!
    Nice Topic to be discussed………….
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I agree. I’ve been using the $7 script for over 5 years and have found it to be quite efficient and easy to set up. The instant commission feature is a great motivator for affiliates to promote your offer.

  17. Shalu Sharma says:

    Interesting script, I am new to all this, still trying to get ideas. I might buy this one.

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